There IS Light at the End of the

STOP being so negative all the time and reliving the past….carrying baggage with you only wears you down. You can’t change what has happened, but you can move on.. I should know… nearly killed me…but constantly reminding yourself and others what a shit day you had, how miserable you feel, how no one understands, omg, the list goes on..THE PROBLEM HERE IS …you are CONSTANTLY TALKING NEGATIVITY INTO BEING….

I seriously know what I am on about, I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my early 20’s….and fibromyalgia in my 30’s, I am now 52 and am managing my life withouts prescription drugs ………so before getting on your box, and telling me ‘I have NO idea’, trust me I seriously do…and am now talking from experience…

I have learnt, with wise words from close family and friends, that no matter how much you fuk’d up, made wrong decisions, took the wrong path, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW, The guilt, the hurt, the stress, the total ‘i give up’, IS IN THE PAST, you can’t change what has happend….just try ( it does get easier) and forgive yourself for the screw up’s, learn from mistakes and emotions, feelings and everything else, and turn your life around…it’s not easy, but it can be done. Turn the Negative to Positive…

The first step is…..loose the baggage, stop talking all your past negativity into being…..,stop reminding yourself of the constant drama…stop blogging about how negative you feel….’yes today I have had a really shit day, but guess what, I had a positive in my life today ….and it was’…………………(……..just think of one ……)

Start looking to new adventures, new beginnings, and new friendships.  Everytime you feel a negative coming on, turn it into a positive. For those who are depressed and regularly blog on your shit day…… Just for one week… on the positive in your life, the fun, the stupid, the different.., and don’t focus on the negative…..Find at least one a day where there is a positive, a flower, a tree, a frog in a pond,  a giggle, a smile, a stupid yet funny reply……’s really not that hard when you put your mind to Positive thinking..just one small thing can be a positive…..

We make ourselves ill and we can also heal ourselves…..

My mom gave me a book called :



This was my ‘Bible’ when I quit all meds and decided to sort myself out, stuff the dr’s and psychiatrists…

Page 216 : ‘Evaluate what you need to do in order to forgive others – and yourself, if necessary’

I have many to forgive, some I have, other’s ….I just moved on because I could not bring myself to forgive them, yet chose to ‘eliminate’ them from my life…the past is the past…

Forgive myself, …I found that hard to do, all the people who were hurt because of my depression, the choices I made, the risks I took…. all hurt others….yes I have forgiven myself for some of the choices I made, others…well, I am still dealing with those, they sometimes keep me up at night, but they wont get the better of me….

Page 216 : ‘Leave the dead and get on with your life’ (Jesus)

‘There is Only now’ (Buddha)

‘Leave the dead and get on with your life’ ….. not talking about the ‘dead people’ talking about the ‘dead’ in your life…..dead feelings, insecurities, friendships, etc etc…

‘There is only now’ …… live each day as it comes, and do not even think about what tomorrow holds…..that just sets stress and depression off…..

I learnt from having a cancer scare, loosing 75% of my bowl and undergoing radiation ……..every day could be your last…..take time to look around you and appreciate the things you matter how insignificant they may seem…a positive is always a positive.

No matter how depressed and suicidal you are…there are Always people out there that have more problems than you……

Page 226 : The Sefirah of Gevurah teaches us to release the need to know why things happen as they do, and to trust that whatever the reason is, it is part of a grander spiritual design.

Your path is laid out for you from the day of conception, what you do with it is up to you, yet some of us have had a path of many crossings and have often took the wrong one, but by sheer determination and being stubborn, have finally got on the path of the straight and narrow that was intended in the very beginning.

Page 47 : The Third Principle..You Alone Can Help Yourself…..

‘Energy medicine is a holistic philosophy that teaches, “I am responsible for the creation of my health. I therefore participated, at some level, in the creation of this illness.  I can participate in the healing of this illness by healing myself, which means simultaneously healing my emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual being”..

Healing and curing are not the same thing.

A “cure” occurs when one has successfully controlled or abated the physical progression of an illness. The process of curing is passive…

‘Healing on the other hand, is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories, and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery’

So STOP hanging onto the past, the negatives, the hurts….whoever caused them are not worth you killing yourself over….yet alone destroying your life and closest to you….

Start blogging about the positives, the funny, the stupid, the not so important but made me laugh……happenings in your life.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel that you find yourself in…you just need to look for the flicker and row towards it…….its worth it in the end….

When the sky is dark and your life feels at end……. think of a positive and you can fight depession to the end…….

Living, walking, talking, blogging,   ………………………………

and i could have been dead……….



Just Another Day at the Office..

Last week the sun had her hat on and I couldn’t resist getting my camera out, so during the day, I took some photo’s to share with you all….

Twice a week, Gary and I do the garden maintenance, at an Alpaca Farm… never a minute that there is nothing to do…’s fab….The thought of getting up in the morning, getting dressed, getting in a car and then getting stuck in traffic for hours does not do it for me….stressed out before you even get to your office…..been there done it…NO MORE..

I would not swop my office for a concrete one……

We have a brilliant circle of customers’, every garden is different and everyone tells a different story. Some are low maintenance, others are like 3 acres big then there is the Alpaca farm.

The alpaca’s all got sheared last week…..they look so different without their jumpers, quite comical…..

Cute and very inquisitive….if you sit really still they will come up to you…….Notice the dew covered field… many see that on a regular basis? How often do you just ‘STOP’ for a minute and survey your surroundings? I bet if I stopped you in the middle of a street, and asked you what was the last shop you past or the name of the street you are on….1 out of 10 will be spot on, the others……OBLIVIOUS to what is around them…it’s sad that this fast track, work, work, stress, stress, stress….has taken hold of people.


There is NEVER a day that is the same in ANY garden. There are always little surprises waiting in every bed and around every corner…. this Spring has been a little bit of a let down. All the Spring flowers were in bud, at the right time, ready to BURST into colour….then we had the ‘beast from the east’ and another flurry of heavy snow…..and all those poor flowers, that had put their energy into a magnificent show……never happened…they tried, they really did, but unfortunately they were not very impressive…Always next year.

But, besides the early Spring colour, that didn’t really happen, we now have a burst of growth….and second canvas of colour.

Colour, buds and flower’s……..The bee’s are well impressed. The bird’s are all nesting, the resident duck at the Alpaca farm is laying in the woods, can’t really pinpoint her nest yet, but we dare not look to hard. This is the 3rd year she has tried to nest, two years ago a fox had her mate and destroyed the nest, last year we put a floating nest on the big pond, but she didn’t take to it..this year she laid 7 eggs, then we had a storm and the duck house sank, we were heart broken…so after rescuing the house, she refused to go back in it. After a week, we removed the eggs, replaced the straw, but she had already decided, sod you lot, sorting my own nest out, and she has…hopefully, everything crossed, the eggs hatch.  In the mean time the new resident Drake hangs about waiting for news and chasing off other Drake’s trying to impose on his ‘patch’



The resident drake chilling in the morning sun…..on the island in the big koi pond..

The only way to the island is to ‘walk the plank’, and I have to once a year to tidy it up..haven’t fallen in yet….but did slip down the side of the embankment a couple of years ago, 5mins before clocking off..and sods law, the deepest part of the pond, even my wellies were ‘full to brim’ let alone the rest of me.

I had to strip off to the birthday suit, wrap a hoodie over my chest, ring Gary and ask him to meet me in front of the house with a gown…can you imagine driving home in the nude, except for a hoodie, and getting stopped by the ‘ol bill..mmmm, no me neither, thank gawd I wasn’t stopped for any reason …But the look on the face of a neighbour getting out of her car, when she saw me getting out of mine, straight into an awaiting gown……brilliant….


Who wouldn’t want an outdoor office…..a different one every day…..???

To Be of Value…..

I know it’s Spring, finally, well you wouldn’t have really known until this past week, thanks to the ‘torrential’ weather and ‘the beast from the east’…hopefully it’s NOT coming back and we can get on with resurrecting the weather-beaten gardens, that should have been in full bloom, but the freak snow pelted everything, even the daffs in the woods were affected, snowed on twice whilst in bloom, and their display this year, through no fault of their own, was sorry to say, pathetic. It took two of us  – 3 hours each – to deadhead them in the woods last week..

When one steps back and looks at the devastation caused by extreme weather conditions, you just want to give up. Where to start?

But then you notice little green shoots everywhere ….and your filled with hope that all is not lost. Nature encourages one to get on with it, nature never gives up, it just keeps on going regardless..

Luther Burbank, American plant breeder and botanist, said : ” Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.”

All of the above and encouragement !!!! Just from nature.

Maybe people should step back for a minute, take a long walk or sit in the garden and learn a lesson from whats around them. We should all be like nature.


To BE of VALUE…… To be valued means that you are appreciated for your role in someone’s life. Regardless of whom it is, it could even be a total stranger. Just a kind gesture, a smile…..which people don’t seem to do much at passers-by anymore, one just sees faces glued to screens. And when you do smile or say good day, out of sheer courtesy, they stare at you as if they are waiting for you to mugg them. Some even have the cheek to say ” what you looking at?” I mean, seriously, have we become a world of ignorance? It costs nothing to just be nice and polite. It costs nothing to have manners and respect for others and yourself. 

People need encouragement, no matter who they are, just the words – ‘well done you’, or ‘great job’, ‘keep up the good work’, ‘don’t worry if you failed, at least you tried and didn’t give up’ and ‘I AM PROUD OF YOU, No matter what’, tops the list.

I have been encouraged through comments on my blogs this weekend, and it made me more positive about a lot of things. I value and appreciate the time people take to actually read and comment on my blogs. Thank you ALL..

Today will never come again make the most of a situation by being there for someone.

And if you need cheering up, cheer someone else up, it will make you feel good.



With all the technology today, does anyone ever just pick up a book anymore?

Sitting on the sofa, catching up with blog posts, I noticed 3 books on the shelf…..books I have recently unpacked…finally, yet haven’t paged through them for yonks…


so….I picked up Poems and Ballads — first series — by Swinburne.




I slowly, very carefully turned the pages, thick pages, soft to the touch. The little discolouration spots, the only tell-tale sign of age…….Astonished as I was, having owned this book for years, I just realised that some of the pages, rough cut, have not been cut through, so there are poems one cannot even read…..fascinating really.





I turn to the first page…..


this book is like 120 years old and still in good nick….if only we could be in such good nick at that age….. whoever put this one together, must have been in a hurry . ..but it all adds to the mystery surrounding who was responsible for this book?…..who did half a job?.

That question will never be answered…..but imagination can build a really good story about it all…

Picking up a book is way more than just reading a novel on the internet…the smell of the book, the feel of the page, the intensity that the words grabs you with, so much so that if it’s good it wont be put back on the shelf until the last page….72hrs at the most with me….. and a bonus –The battery doesn’t die right in the middle of the Best bit……

I turned to ‘A Lamentation’, but as the pages are uncut, I had to …gawd forbid, google the poem so we can all enjoy it….

A Lamentation –

Poem by Algernon Charles Swinburne

WHO hath known the ways of time
Or trodden behind his feet?
There is no such man among men.
For chance overcomes him, or crime
Changes; for all things sweet
In time wax bitter again.
Who shall give sorrow enough,
Or who the abundance of tears?
Mine eyes are heavy with love
And a sword gone thorough mine ears,
A sound like a sword and fire,
For pity, for great desire;
Who shall ensure me thereof,
Lest I die, being full of my fears?

Who hath known the ways and the wrath,
The sleepless spirit, the root
And blossom of evil will,
The divine device of a god?
Who shall behold it or hath?
The twice-tongued prophets are mute,
The many speakers are still;
No foot has travelled or trod,
No hand has meted, his path.
Man’s fate is a blood-red fruit,
And the mighty gods have their fill
And relax not the rein, or the rod.

Ye were mighty in heart from of old,
Ye slew with the spear, and are slain.
Keen after heat is the cold,
Sore after summer is rain,
And melteth man to the bone.
As water he weareth away,
As a flower, as an hour in a day,
Fallen from laughter to moan.
But my spirit is shaken with fear
Lest an evil thing begin,
New-born, a spear for a spear,
And one for another sin.
Or ever our tears began,
It was known from of old and said;
One law for a living man,
And another law for the dead.
For these are fearful and sad,
Vain, and things without breath;
While he lives let a man be glad,
For none hath joy of his death.

Who hath known the pain, the old pain of earth,
Or all the travail of the sea,
The many ways and waves, the birth
Fruitless, the labour nothing worth?
Who hath known, who knoweth, O gods? not we.
There is none shall say he hath seen,
There is none he hath known.
Though he saith, Lo, a lord have I been,
I have reaped and sown;
I have seen the desire of mine eyes,
The beginning of love,
The season of kisses and sighs
And the end thereof.
I have known the ways of the sea,
All the perilous ways,
Strange winds have spoken with me,
And the tongues of strange days.
I have hewn the pine for ships;
Where steeds run arow,
I have seen from their bridled lips
Foam blown as the snow.
With snapping of chariot-poles
And with straining of oars
I have grazed in the race the goals,
In the storm the shores;
As a greave is cleft with an arrow
At the joint of the knee,
I have cleft through the sea-straits narrow
To the heart of the sea.
When air was smitten in sunder
I have watched on high
The ways of the stars and the thunder
In the night of the sky;
Where the dark brings forth light as a flower,
As from lips that dissever;
One abideth the space of an hour,
One endureth for ever.
Lo, what hath he seen or known,
Of the way and the wave
Unbeholden, unsailed-on, unsown,
From the breast to the grave?

Or ever the stars were made, or skies,
Grief was born, and the kinless night,
Mother of gods without form or name.
And light is born out of heaven and dies,
And one day knows not another’s light,
But night is one, and her shape the same.

But dumb the goddesses underground
Wait, and we hear not on earth if their feet
Rise, and the night wax loud with their wings;
Dumb, without word or shadow of sound;
And sift in scales and winnow as wheat
Men’s souls, and sorrow of manifold things.

Nor less of grief than ours
The gods wrought long ago
To bruise men one by one;
But with the incessant hours
Fresh grief and greener woe
Spring, as the sudden sun
Year after year makes flowers;
And these die down and grow,
And the next year lacks none.

As these men sleep, have slept
The old heroes in time fled,
No dream-divided sleep;
And holier eyes have wept
Than ours, when on her dead
Gods have seen Thetis weep,
With heavenly hair far-swept
Back, heavenly hands outspread
Round what she could not keep,

Could not one day withhold,
One night; and like as these
White ashes of no weight,
Held not his urn the cold
Ashes of Heracles?
For all things born one gate
Opens, no gate of gold;
Opens; and no man sees
Beyond the gods and fate.

Always Remember …..

Books are Precious, and once gone, never replaced…….


A students response to Swinburne…:

A Student Response to Swinburne

Feverfew & Chamomile –

Just a little help and advice to all newbie and sometimes avid gardeners, makes all the difference …….



As all gardeners know, when you first start out, naming certain species is not all that easy, especially when they ‘look’ and ‘smell’ alike.

And it’s especially difficult if you don’t have someone around to ask….and if you are anything like me, trolling the internet is a no no. I’d rather spend the time in the garden than wasting it.  Books are handy, but when your hands are covered in mud, your boots are caked with muck, you don’t want to be treading through the house. I keep a little plant identification pocket-book with me…. always within arms reach, but sometimes that doesn’t work as my fibro fog kicks in a soon as I close the book…and then I still don’t know what I am looking at.

The best way I have found, over many many years, is build up a mental memory of smell, taste, touch and feel…by this I mean don’t just look and touch, how does it make you feel?, is the leaf soft on your skin or does it prickle……etc, make little notes, ………. you get the picture..

and Slowly but surely you mentally build up your own memory library……..

Tips from the older generation gardeners are PRICELESS….always try and get them onto their ‘secrets’ of success subject… me you will pick up more from them than any book..

So back to what I originally started …………………….. Spot the difference…

A common mistake people make is confusing Feverfew and Camomile……they both smell very similar, they both look very similar..But take a closer look……



Tanacetum Parthenium, feverfew, is a traditional medicinal herb which is commonly used to prevent migraines, headaches, arthritis, relieve fevers, muscle tension and pain, lowers blood pressure, lessens stomach irritation, stimulates appetite, improve digestion and kidney function.

Take note of the flower and how different the petals are. The leaf  is much wider than the camomile below….and it tastes bitter, very bitter.



Chamomile or camomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae that are commonly used to make herb infusions to serve various medicinal purposes. It can be used as a mild, relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers and colds, stomach ailments, and anti-inflammator.

They both self seed and if not controlled, WILL control you and take over your life, let alone your garden…..

I hope this little bit of info has helped ……

Happy gardening everyone……..

Some useful links below, so if you have a minute……have a read…..



Time out,

Silence……….. and being on your own  —– in your own space,

replenishes  your thoughts from anger, to frustration, to…


Sometimes it feels better not to say a word , at all,  about anything, to anyone…. no words can explain whats going on in your head, no point in trying to explain, so save the unnecessary arguments, even though it hurts like hell….

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people…..if they care they will notice, if not!!!??? Well………..

Sometimes you have to play the fool, to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you…..mmm Bullshit baffles brains if you ask me..

Sometimes in life, situations KEEP on repeating themselves….They will do till you learn the lesson….

Sometimes, you just need a hug from someone you can’t hug.

Sometimes you Don’t appreciated what you have because your too focused on your own needs and comforts…

Sometimes it’s better being on your own, than in a relationship that makes you feel lonely…


Sometimes honest words spoken to a loved one, in advice, are thrown back in verbal abuse…

Sometimes the battle is between what you feel and what you know…………..

BUT.. Sometimes

there comes a point……………..

My Last Blog and Testimony….


Not really my last blog and testimony, But!  it’s a question I have asked myself…….And wonder how many think of this aswell……What if today was your last day on earth??????

The reason I asked myself this today…is because I recently had a General Anesthesia… Aww…Routine……some may say…

but NOT if you have a phobia of anesthetics after dying on an operating table…… I have a Suxamethonium (succinylcholine) apnoea, ( ) , for which there is No antidote anymore,  which made the approaching morning, an absolute nightmare for me……just thinking I could die on an operating table…and not even be aware of actually dying…is a fooking scary thought… and to make it even more scarier, the nurse at the hospital, on the day of the pre-op, and the admitting nurse the next day, had NEVER even heard of my apnoea, let alone spell it.

Pre-op day was a NIGHTMARE…instead of the approximate 3hrs….it took basically ALL day.

Notes that should have been on file, were not on file, ECG scheduled, was not scheduled, so had to be sent for one…1hr later.

The requested blood tests, that according to the nurse, was – Pre-Booked, was, surprise…Not Pre-Booked, so had to wait for 2 and a half hrs….was ticket number 68…then back to pre-op, ……in total 5hrs …a whole days pay..down the drain..

On admission day, my ‘pre-op file’ was no where in sight, files were missing left right and centre.. A duplicate was made, only for the original to be hr later…so double notes, double paper work…Unnecessary paperwork and time wasted…. other patients’ note’s in other patients’ files…led to more confusion and running about, including the anethetists…who wasn’t even aware of my apnea either!!?? Even though I had insisted to the pre-op nurse to make a note, and again to the admission nurse…yet nothing in the file?!! But yet, another days pay down the pipe…..

Nurses’ standing around, chatting about their weekend and holidays…. ignoring ringing phone’s and frustrated patients’…and consultants’ running around looking for files…

AND ALL this before one has even made it to the ward…then there are No beds, so you sit in a chair until your theatre slot…then have to walk to theatre with an assistant…OMG, sweaty palms, pounding heart and shaking limbs…

I made the anethetist show me what she was giving me before administrating it, yet, that Still did not calm me down and put my mind at ease..when the needle went in….I fought the drug…tooooo nooo avail……1.2.3.out…

NHS is not fit for purpose at the minute….am OVER the whole medical practice , 8 weeks for an appointment with a GP !!??? …NO guarantee you will see your regular GP … And they want you to trust them!??

(Courtesy of Google Images)

Yes, I did ‘wake up’ … or I wouldn’t be blogging this…….

So what was all the stress about, you might ask?………..THE DAILY UNNECESSARY STRESS OF LIFE……..

How may of us are actually ready to pass on to another ‘life / journey’..?

It all makes one re-access your life and question whether or not it’s really worth worrying or even stressing about anything, in this day and age……

No one has a life anymore…Lower class and Middle class People are All SLAVES’ to SOCIETY and TECHNOLOGY, driven by…..WHAT???, the need to work to earn a pitance….outgoings are more than incoming…YET….YET, they still work to make the rich richer, who in turn make the fat cat CEO richer, who in turn makes the Owners richer….in the mean time EVADING and DODGING taxes, NOT paying into their employees pensions…..yet ‘dipping’ into it….paying loyal staff minimum wage, sometimes under….and YET GET AWAY WITH IT ALL….!!!!!!!!??????

So I ask again, What is the POINT of working yourself to death To BENEFIT someone else?? Where is the fairness, the equality, the justification of it all?? It’s totally beyond me. And the question asked is …why are there so many dysfunctional families? BECAUSE NO ONE HAS A LIFE ANYMORE AND FAMILIES ARE DYSFUNCTIONAL …TRUTH..BECAUSE OF THE DAILY STRESS AND PRODUCTION TARGETS..FORCED UPON THEM….

DEMOCRACY my arse …its more like a DICTATORSHIP…


( ‘ User’s ‘ use for their own gain, and loyal people are just used and swept under the carpet…AND  then disposed of without an utter of remorse)

People work 7 days a week…..when in gods name do families actually get to spend quality time together, at least 4 weekends a mth…NOT unless your loaded and can sit at home with your feet up, knowing you have minimum wage paid staff, slogging away to keep your lifestyle floating….Utter wankers….while their staff widdles away in stress, debt and despair….

I take my hat off to people who are loaded and help the less privileged….and

Do NOT make a drama or tv show out of doing it for the ‘fame’….
Imagine if everyone earning the amounts of footballers and CEO’s, MD’s, etc, who really didn’t need that much capital, sponsored a family a month or even for a year…..What a different place the world would be..

But unfortunately, to those who have it all, GREED is at the top of the list, as the most important thing, other than being attached to a mobile device…… The more they have, the more they want, regardless of who they use, abuse or step gain it….

I hear so many people moaning and complaining about daily situations, but what tickles me is NOT ONE OF THE MOANERS’ OR GROANERS’ ARE PREPARED TO STAND UP AS A GROUP, AS ONE, AND HAVE THEIR VOICE HEARD…..hypocrytical…

Then suffer the consequences of your cowardness……

It is seriously time for people to stand up together, and demand they be

TAKEN SERIOUS –  LISTENED TO  and not just HEARD and Brushed Aside….

Doesn’t everyone deserve the same in life?? There is so much wealth out there..uncalled for greed….if it was all shared equally, no matter the gain or situation, life and this world would be amazing….

What’s happened to this world???



Yet we stress about things meaningful to others, other than worrying and enjoying our own…we spend more time in traffic jams than at the dinner table with family…we spend more time on phone’s and technology than actually interacting with our loved ones…

Makes one think… Well…it Makes Me Think……

Life is too short…….So get one….





Climb That Mountain — Cristian Mihai

Am sharing this blog in relation to my latest blog….. ‘My Last Blog and Testimony’ …

Stand up and be worthy….Your worth more than you think you are…






“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali Ever felt like a failure? Worthless? Lonely being redemption, broken beyond repair. A waste of time? Ever felt that it just doesn’t matter? Ever felt like you couldn’t do something because it was too difficult? […]

via Climb That Mountain — Cristian Mihai

Where have all the men gone??

OMG…..WOMEN ARE NOT THE SPECIES, I was brought up with, anymore. I am seriously starting to feel embarrassed about being part of this gender.

Why you my ask? Well, just open your eyes and take a look about, women are everywhere….they have NO scruples anymore, let alone any self respect. Honestly, The way they dress, they way they go out and make a tit of themselves. I NEVER in my teenage or early adult hood, EVER saw a woman, so pissed up that they were throwing up in the streets, falling over, picking fights…and showing off their bits……it’s RIDICULOUS….AND….FUCKING EMBARRASSING.

pissed up trout

The way they dress, barely anything on…tits hanging out….dress barley covering their arse…then they SCREAM harassment for ‘unwanted’ attention..

The Oscars and any red carpet event is proof….

oscar slapper


NEED I SAY ANYMORE………….No…they scream harassment…….

The amount of slap they put on their faces…..trying to stay in with the Kardashians and Essex girls…..Seriously…when the make-up comes off, your even more ‘pretty’ and ‘normal’ as any other…. make-up, to the extents you plaster on, is just a mask to someone you ARE NOT…be yourself its much more attractive.

Revellers celebrating the change of the year in Wind Street, the main pub and club district of Swansea, in south Wales

Women of today are self centered, spoilt, greedy, drama queens, trying to get their own way by being totally pathetic…..just sheer BRATS…

There are many ways to get to the top with your self respect and integrity in tack. Without the drama’s, without having half your body revealed to the world, without getting pissed and opening your legs.

open legs

Take a look in the mirror, be yourself, TRUE to yourself, and stop trying to be someone your not because at the end of the day you will just be classified as a slapper, cheap, an easy ride and untrustworthy. Get a grip and get your self respect back ladies……AND STOP SCREAMING HARASSMENT when you only have yourself to blame……

(Yes there are those who are abused and harassed behind closed doors, without attracting attention, without asking for it….and have to live with it everyday. But do they ever get heard???? NO THEY FUCKING DONT. I was one, so please do not try and preach to me about abuse — mentally, physically or sexually…..BUT YOU LOT GOING OUT THERE AND MAKING TOTAL TWATS OF YOURSELVES HAVE NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME BUT YOU……. GET YOUR SELF RESPECT BACK AND STOP TRYING TO BE A MAN)

On the way home today, listening to the news…….I swear to gawd, I thought I heard wrong, so, when I got indoors, I googled what I thought I heard….and YES…’s TRUE…..There is now a debate on in the UK as to whether or not, to make …Wait for it guys….. “Wolf Whistling” A criminal offence…….WTF…..I was brought up to just walk on and ignore it…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its called SELF RESPECT…

(Men are attracted to women with self respect…..they DO NOT like attention seekers, to men they are just a ‘wham bam thank you mam (blame yourself)….and DON’T say you don’t tease men and you DON’T attract ‘UNWANTED’ attention…your hair flicking – False extensions , stupid giggling- put on, pissed up, flashing FALSE eyelashes……Revealing clothes………………… just to remind you lot…..)

Do you realise that no relationship you will have will actually work.. Why? you ask….well let me tell you..

.A relationship is based on



and when you have 1 & 2 YOU GAIN


and WHEN you have gained that………

NUMBER 4 – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE……………….what more could you want?

(I have it and it’s total BLISS. I have NO yearning to ‘Go Out With The Girls, get pissed, embarrass myself and then wake up in an unknown bed, with a bloke I don’t know ….on a regular basis.

I am with Gary 24/7, we work together and our relationship works ….we have all the above plus a lot of laughter….Why would I ever change that for something or someone I am not??)

HOW DO YOU FEEL THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE?? DID YOU EVEN GO HOME? Can you bear to look at yourself in the mirror and face what you got up to the night before??? Can you HONESTLY look at your partner, in the eyes, and not feel guilty about anything you got up to?? They TRUSTED you to go out Without them…did you earn that trust? Do you deserve their RESPECT????? Think about it next time you leave your partner at home because YOU NEEDED A GIRLS NIGHT OUT.

A NEW law has been passed in France, because gender equality minister, Marlene Schiappa, a Feminist and Writer, reckons ‘It’s completely necessary because at the moment street harassment is not defined in the law’. STREET HARASSMENT!!!…….

Last year in Britain, Nottinghamshire police moved to make misogyny a crime – and included cat calls in its definition. The year before, a building firm was investigated by police, after a woman complained about ” lecherous men” wolf-whistling at her in the street. FFSK, do the police NOT have more urgent things to attend to??

The Commons, next week, will debate whether anti-women crimes should have harsher treatment. A labour MP (yes, a woman, Melanie Onn) has said catcalling and wolf-whistling should be classed as hate crimes.

Melanie Onn, the police are stretched to beyond their means…..Do you seriously think they have time to follow up on someone being whistled at..FFSK get real woman……JUST WALK ON AND IGNORE IT…’s NOT hard to do… GROW UP….

Seriously, it boggles my mind……..Gender equality, equal pay, equal jobs…yes, agree…but to the extreme that women are going today, I JUST DON’T GET IT……..Its getting beyond PETTY..

We watched the Winter Olympics on BBC……we saw more woman events than men’s. We had more women presenter’s than men. BBC seems to favour short hair and shoulder length blonds…(and the colour red). To me, they all look alike in weird and wonderful ways…stereotype or what?? Women have got so pathetic, that during the winter games, BBC received complaints that Clare Balding and other presenters referred to the female athletes as “girls”……..One tweet said its sexist and degrading… said “could we please refer to the female snowboarders as ladies or women rather than girls? Let’s not infantalize world-class athletes”……

OMG…..I am 52 and what does it matter if someone refers to me as a girl…that’s what I AM FFSK….female, girl, woman……it makes NO difference,

If you don’t believe me about how many women have taken over on the BBC…just go and watch it and count how many men are the main presenter…..its totally reversed roles……

Have we seriously become so ridiculous?, sorry not ‘we’….I am definitely not in this class…’they’….

SAS, Who dares win, is a tv program, where ex-special forces soldiers put recruits through a recreation of SAS selection process. Anyone who has watched it will know how tough it is. Well now there is a moan that there are no women contestants??!!! Ant Middelton, one of the SAS instructors, says women need to ‘earn their place’ in the SAS….totally agree… and the reason he said that is because the elite unit is considering changing its selection process to give female applicants a better chance….Why?? If you can’t hack it don’t do it..Why change rules and make courses, especially endurance ones, easier for women?? The SAS is hardcore, end of…….I seriously think women are just pushing it a bit too far…… can it be an equality if things have to be made easier for women??? I don’t fucking get it….They were in tears when being interviewed after the Winter Olympics……because they fell or didn’t get through FFSK… they think they would survive in the SAS….Without rules and regulations being made easier…GET A FUCKING GRIP THE LOT OF YOU..There are things Men do, and only men can do and things Women do…’We’ do NOT HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING THEY DO TO PROVE OURSELVES……

I am seriously sick to death of women rights. #metoo….don’t even get me started on it…I was abused, but unfortunately I didn’t get a career from it so I could complain 30 years later……Majority of these high society women make my stomach turn…WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN WHO GET ABUSED ON A DAILY BASIS?. WHO speaks for them?? IS IT BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A PENNY TO RUB TOGETHER, THEY ARE NOT FAMOUS?, OR BECAUSE THEY COME FROM A LOWER CLASS BACKGROUND THAT THEY ARE NOT WORTH A MENTION AND DON’T GET A HUGE TV COVERAGE…. WHY?????????? Then in the papers the next day there is a moan about Kate Middelton NOT turning up in a black dress…Who the fuck would want to wear black dress when your pregnant?? Campaign or not…!! NOT ME..

I asked my other half where all the men had gone…His reply “Men cannot be asked with all the shit, spitefulness, and drama’s that come with today’s want to be princesses”…..(he should know, he was involved with one)…..then wised up, had enough and moved on……Now he has me…….Brilliant…and I am by NO MEANS a princess or wanna-be-someone-else….I AM ME……Common, Mad and Just Plain Simple…..and we get along like a house on fire……

Women…..There ARE more SERIOUS things to moan about. There ARE more SERIOUS situations to debate on…there ARE more SERIOUS daily happenings to get on your box about….that DON’T revolve around you……Get a grip and take a very hard look at your self.. Embarrassing…..degrading……..I am ashamed of the lot of you…..

I decided to google….’Where have all the men gone’….I have selected the below links…please take time to read them…and you will see that I am not being a bitch, i am not jealous of wanna-be-kardashians or essex girls’, I am not a bitter old cow, I am just mystified, shocked and bow my head in shame …. even men agree with me…..

The below link has some really ” Classy pics” shameful, shocking, I am embarrassed to be called a women in these times……………………..….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.11.896…0i13k1j0i7i30k1j0i8i7i30k1j0i7i10i30k1j0i67k1j0i10i67k1j0i13i10k1.0._A0d16X8dMU

Jane Moore and Ruth Langsfords view on the #metoo  movement


Photo’s in this blog, are courtesy of google images……



Is Your Life and Other’s really worth that call??

The numbers illustrating the dangers of cell phone use while driving are downright startling. In fact, at any given time throughout the day, approximately 660,000 drivers are still attempting to use their phones while behind the wheel of their vehicle.

Smartphones have made it easy for us to stay connected at all times. But that can pose serious safety risks if someone decides to check text messages, emails, phone calls, or any other mobile applications while driving.

The facts

  • Drivers using a hands-free or handheld mobile phone are slower at recognising and reacting to hazards.
  • Research shows:
    • You are four times more likely to be in a crash if you use your phone.
    • Your reaction times are two times slower if you text and drive, and this increases to three times if you use a handheld phone.
  • Even careful drivers can be distracted by a call or text – and a split-second lapse in concentration could result in a crash.

My form of transport is a Ford transit, so naturally higher than a car…and as the passenger, the amount of people I see on their phones is absolutely disgusting.

Mobile phones and woman drivers….OMG…I am sorry to say that the culprits are 90% woman….I witness it every time we get in the van..We have actually driven past a woman using her ipad…she had it on the steering wheel.

What winds me up is that all new models of vehicles HAVE BLUETOOTH..and even though I am against it, as it’s still a distraction…People don’t use it.. I asked a woman the other day, who was on her phone in her car…why she wasn’t using her bluetooth…Her reply was ‘I don’t know how to switch it on’ !!!!!!! WTF… Read the manual, ask the garage, Ask a bloke ffsk…….it’s just a couple of buttons to push to AUTOMATICALLY connect the car bluetooth to the phone.. It’s NOT FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE….a 3 year old could do it..

Women have a really bad habit of ‘JUST STOPPING’, regardless of where they are…..just to answer or check their phone…it’s gobsmacking…some even have kids in the car. We had one in front of us the other morning, 50mph zone, just STOP to lean over and grab her phone, totally oblivious to vehicles behind her.  She didn’t even check her mirrors before diving for her phone……

Even when they are walking in town…they are glued to their phone…they don’t pay attention to anything around them…and having earphones plugged into their ears doesn’t help either…deaf and blind to the real world around them….

They also have a habit of putting their make up on whilst driving or waiting for a traffic light to change. And when it does, she is still applying her lippy, totally unaware of the  cars behind her waiting to go.. Get up an hour earlier luv…..

Lippy phone

Distraction is a death warrant….


I am sorry if the woman feel I am ‘picking’ on them….BECAUSE I Am,  I witness it on a daily basis and its pathetic. Is your life meaningless to you? Does your phone mean more? Is answering a call worth your life and those around you?

I went into a shop the other day and noticed a woman, with kids in a car, on her mobile phone. When I came out the shop, she was still texting. Now for 20mins, her kids were ignored……wouldn’t that time have been better spent getting them home and Interacting with them?

What in god’s name do they find to jabber about. It’s as if they would automatically stop breathing if their phone wasn’t attached to their hand or ear..

I have now got to the stage that I stick my head out the window and SHOUT….’GET OFF THAT F**KING PHONE’…..the shock on their faces……Tough shit….you can kill someone talking on a phone whilst behind a wheel. I think the next step is to photograph them and shame them on social media…….

(I can’t stand my phone, forever forgetting it at home. It’s never on my person….remains in the van all day then in a room on its own when we get home. Best place for it….  Gary and I actually share a phone as we both feel the same about it taking over your life. …….at least I can spend time with real people and not worry about the bloody thing pinging every 2secs…)

There is more to life than being glued to technology…Teach your kids how to play and enjoy the REAL World, don’t tell them to go play a game on a piece of equipment……

                             WHEN DRIVING….PLEASE PUT YOUR PHONE 

                                    OUT OF SIGHT AND OUT OF REACH………..

Answering A phone call or message IS NOT Worth your life….

even if your stationary…..

someone else on a phone might not notice you have not moved and ram you or even worse………

I can’t bear to think of it…..

Mobile Use Resulting in Serious Accidents …….the below link is worth having a look at…

Dangerous drivers who cause death while using their mobile phones or speeding will face life in prison…….(read on…)