Imagine My Surprise..



About a month ago, I was talking to one of my ‘wild garden’ clients about how rare hedgehogs have become…..I honestly, have not seen a single one in over 7+ years, in anyone’s garden, even the manor gardens …. LOL, there are still plenty of mole holes on the lawns….

SO imagine my excitement, when a couple of weeks ago, this  gorgeous little character appeared in a flower bed…….

It’s Such a shame and a pity, that people and the way they live are slowly but surely killing off our natural environment and wildlife……breaks my heart…….

How very rare to come across wonders of nature in the most unexpected places….

Cutting back lavender in a garden a couple of weeks ago I spotted this little beauty….. Its been a very long time  since I spotted any amazing catterpillas….Thanks to all the toxins sprayed on nature…..



OH..!! the Weather OutSide IS FRIGHTFUL….


Reflections on a rainy day……

OMG today is sooo depresssssing and my ‘s’ key is NOT helping, keepss refusing to ‘S’. I have even had the key OFF and poked it ith a pen AND it sstil not doing what it should, now the ‘W’ is starting……o overlook words that have W&S missing …It CAN’T be helped…..

My plan today was to catch up on photo challenges, I’m like 4 behind, But instead of going out and taking photo’s, I have had to resort to the sofa, trolling through hundred ++++++ photos ……I cant be asked to go out in this today. Would you?? …..I DID, however,… ( I STILL HATE Shopping) ….make it to the shop with Gary for weekend supplies. We were back in record time…..Happy Days……

This is now the 4th Saturday that the weather has looked like this…….

Under the weather

Well to cheer things up I found the following…………

I can just imagine how it looked 100’s of years ago……Ghostly images in ones imagination of Horse drawn barges’, a constant bustle of activity…….yet its so tranquil……


My gecko looking for an escape route……Yes, I’m sure…..



To a weekend filled with reflections of nature……peaceful, calm, stunning…..

I just had to add this…..


I stopped photographing bikes/cars and engines 2 year ago……..I still snap one if it catches my eye…..but weekends at race tracks have been swoped for weekends with Gary……..Well Worth it 🙂

The reflection of Saylym in the eco friendly pond was snapped on my phone…Not a fantastic photo…but one worth saving…….. The day you don’t have your camera at hand is the day the phone will just have to do….


And I still haven’t fixed the w and s…..leaving spell check to correct the spelling……


Portraits…… A Photo Story of a Dog’s life….

A walk in the park

Me and my Mate…

Our Dog ‘Duki’ (Ducati) is fishing MAD….he LOVE’S it……he guards the rods, barks when the alarms go off, jumps like a loon when there is A FISH ON……….

….turfs the lawns when nothings ‘happening’ and enjoys a pint with his dad after walks…..

I think the photos tell a story, better than words…..


Fun…..It just made me smile :)

One of our ‘Pub Stops’, well, actually it’s the 1st on route and last of 3-4 that we pop into on our way back….We walk to the furthest pub on the canal, then work our way Back —UP HILL, ALL THE WAY …A GOOD 4 miles I might add..You’d be gagging for a refreshment too….

So now you know why!,  A pit stop is needed, at least 3 times ……its hard work… LOL …

They had this outside last week..I had to giggle 🙂


Greeted by these gremlins every Tuesday makes me smile….Mischief and fun.. I swear their faces change AND I bet they get up to mischief at night……..


Night of the Gargoyles
By Eve Bunting

The gargoyles squat
high on corners
staring into space,
their empty eyes unblinking
till night comes.

Then there is movement
in the shadowy corners
as the gargoyles creep
on stubs of feet
along the high ledges
and peer,
into rooms where mummies lie
in boxes, long and thin
as coffins, ribboned round
with painted boats and figures
as dark as night.

And gargoyle-creep again
to gape at suits of armour,
shining, stiff,
the helmets hinged on eyes
as bloodless as their own.

Or, tired of viewing,
fly, if they have gargoyle wings,
straight up to lick the stars
with long, stone tongues
green-prickled at the edges.
Or land in sleeping trees
to swing on branches, da-de-da,
and feel the air move cool
against their pock-marked stone.

Then down they swoop
to where the fountain splashes dark,
the water spitting from a cherub’s mouth.
They gargoyle-hunch around the rim
and gargoyle-grunt
with friends from other corners
who have come for company.

They grunt of what they’ve seen
and where they’ve been.
How hot the corners
when the sun is high,
especially the ones beside the clock.
How noisy, too.

They grump of summer passing
and the rain
that pours in torrents through
their gaping lips
and chokes their throats
with autumn’s leaves.

And then those birds
that come to rudely perch
and leave behind
their mottled stains.

They lap the water
with their mossy tongues,
split-splat each other with their claws
and boom those gargoyle laughs
that rumble thick
because there is no space
inside their solid stone
for laughs to somersault.

A watchman hurries by
and checks the sky
for thunder.
He’s seen the gargoyles
huddle before,
and once he told
the man behind the frosted door
and heard him snort his disbelief.
“Gargoyles, indeed!
You’re seeing things.”
So now he checks the sky
to hide his fear.

The gargoyles rasp their wings
and put their thumbs behind
their crumbling ears
to show their scorn.

They have no love of humans
who have made them so
and set them high
on ledges
where pigeons go.
They stomp their feet
and rumble-laugh
to see the watchman close his eyes
and turn away.

“Awk!” the gargoyle scream,
and “Awk!” again,
and spread their lips
in mischief smiles.
The watchman hunches down
and hurries on.


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I love the history of Narrow Boats….
The peace and tranquility of “Floating” down a canal, nature on both sides…..Oh!! and not to forget to mention the PUB STOPS on the way……
A walk in the woods, finding Narrow paths that lead to ” SURPRISES’ “….
Finding a narrow gate that leads to!!……..Who knows????…unless you investigate.
Peering through a narrow view of trees that frame an undergrowth of bluebells..
Amazement of moss growing on a narrow wall of a bridge……against all odds it survives….
Nature NEVER ceases to AMAZE me……
I would like to share a poem from one of my Most Favorite comedians and poets……
I love a little narrowboat, I love the old canal,
Imagining the tales these ancient waterways could tell,
I love to work the lock, those oaken gates so firm and strong,
With know-alls up above to tell you what you’re doing wrong.I love to see the native creatures busy at the bank,
The otter and the water vole, the terrapin and mink,
And peering in the water, into shallows green and still,
To see somebody’s goldfish from the kitchen window-sill.I love to moor along the bank and hear the gentle rain,
To cook a meal and watch the world beyond the window-pane,
Little bobbing moorhen chicks, the mallard and the coot,
Exhausted lovers hoping that their effort’s bearing fruit.

I love the ancient bridges, every keystone, every corbel,
The singing of the little birds, the chirrup and the warble,
To feed a lonely swan, so perfect, white as alabaster,
Who struck me with his wing; observe my collar-bone in plaster.

I love to meet the other folk who use the waterways,
The walkers and the fishermen on sunny languid days,
We drift beside the towpath and we breathe the summer’s breath,
Till roaring motor-bikers come and frighten us to death.

I love the inland waterways and if it’s in my power,
I’ll just keep on a-sailing at about three miles an hour,
And when I see that final tunnel, into it I’ll glide,
I’ll raise my yachting cap and see you on the other side.


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Morning World ……

Morning has broken…..6am and feeding the horses at sunrise…..

Pork sausages for breakfast on a fishing weekend……

Leaves changing color, much earlier than usual ……

Sunrise …view from the bivy on a Saturday morning….

Dew drops on a feather…..

Duckling having an early swim…..

Swan…….total elegance…. on an early morning walk…

Spider web with a collection of dew jewels at 6 am in the morning…

Nature is such a wonderful thing…….a walk first thing in the morning, waking up in a bivy next to a lake……The wonders and joys we overlook in the busy bustle of life…..

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Sit, Kniel, Staan…….Maar vir Hemels Ontwil, Moet Net Nie Poep Nie..!!



To all my English followers who have just landed on this blog……then scroll down and wonder if there is something wrong with your screen…Chillax…its not your eyes deceiving you, it is in another language….Afrikaans…

I have been prompted, to gear up a language I haven’t spoken, read or written in over 10 years..and with the little comment from a fellow blogger,   Abrie Joubert  , I have taken upon myself one heck of a challenge…..

If you don’t use it you loose it and having fibrofog will make it even more of a challenge.

I do like challenges…So here goes nothing ……… Advance apologies for poor grammar and gawd for bid spelling mistakes….


My afrikaanse se brein het gisteraand  n rat gekry.

And before someone points out that the ‘n’ hasnt got a ‘cappie’ on it….it’s because my laptop doesn’t have one….and my ipad is dead,…No!, Seriously its dead… much so that I jumped on it to make sure it was…bloody apple shyt…. so back to Noahs arks cupboard under the stairs to hall out the old toshiba….

Nodeloos om te sê, ek het nie  geslaap nie….Al wat ek kon dink was dat dit kan enige kant toe gaan……

Of, ek gaan net n POEPHOL van myself  maak.. En DAAR was die titel !

Toe ek n kind was, was kerk toe gaan n  ‘Jy MOET’ en ‘Jy SAL’ GAAN,  nekslag elke Saterdag aand.  Daar was geen manier om by die huis te bly, maak nie saak wat jy se of hoeveel jy smeek, kerk, dit was…

Die enigste manier om nie te gaan was om te sterf….maar dan sal jy nog steeds daar eindig….n GEEN WEN situasie…

Drie ure van jou lewe, en al wat jy kon doen was om agter ou tantes, met hoede die grootte van tafels op hul koppe, te sit…jy kon blerrie niks sien nie and die gedagte dat die dominee se mond het nie eers begin brom nie, was genoeg om n kind na pa se drink kas toe te dryf.

Maar daar is altyd n nar gereed vir aksie, iets om na uit te sien. n Kind  wat  aan die bokant van sy stem uitroep ‘Ma ek will Pee’ en in die selfde asem druk hy n poep so hard dat tante Kuiken, ja dit was haar naam… amper ‘n hartaanval gehaad van skande.

Dominees poep ook.. en hy het n mikrofoon op sy das.. die brul uit sy boude was oorverdowende   ..die gemeente buig hul koppe en probeer om nie te reageer nie…die kinders huil met lag…

Net die woord Poep het kinders in steke, nie te min die ware jacob…Dit herinner my aan n stel werkboek wat ons gehad het in skool… Koning van Katoren     ..en die woorde “poespas” (bls 8) en “vogelpoep” (bls 24)  het almal in trane gehad.

Daar is soveel stories wat ek kan vertel oor ‘oopsies’ in die kerk en ander byeenkomste…maar dit sal moet wag tot ek my brein n ruskans gee.  Ek dink Ek het redelik goed gedoen vir nou..
Voordat ek gaan , wil ek graag een van my ‘all time’ gunsteling gedigte deel, en as jy nie huil van die lag teen die einde van die gedig…….

          Soek Help, Vinnig..


Lekker Lag mense……


OM TE POEP – DEUR AG VISSER (1878 – 1929)

O, gonna ek hoop dis die einde van die kerk
Ek kan nie meer sit nie, my maag wil werk
Die dominee praat lank en die son sit laag
Die vreeslikste pyne kruip rond in my maag

Eers word ek warm, en dan weer koud
Nog nooit in my lewe was ek al so benoud
Dominee, Dominee praat tog klaar
My rug trek krom, die gort is gaar

Dit knal en dit kraak en my derms kreun
Toe los ek ‘n poep wat die gallery laat dreun
Die mense kyk om en ek bloos my bloedrooi
Die skaamste van almal was Sannie, my nooi.

Die dominee bly stil sy oe omgedop
Die vrou agter my se hoed sit skeef op haar kop
Kort agter die hakke van die stereo klank
Volg die gemeente se reaksie op die vreeslike stank

Party begin te hoes, en ander te proes
Ander weer waai met sakdoeke woes
My oë traan, my kop die sak
Toe kom die vrees dat ek in my broek sal kak

Sowaar as wragtig net die volgende keer
Is dit toe presies wat moes gebeur
Ek dag dis ‘n poep want die drukking is kwaai
Te laat besef ek dis ‘n ander lawaai

Geskok na die gerommel soos ‘n donderstorm
Kom ek agter die poep het ‘n knopperige vorm
Die dominee bly stil en gluur my aan
‘n ouderling begin woedend sy weg na my baan

My broek is nat en die pype staan wyd
so het ek my laas as kind beskyt
My maag is so seer, my bene die knak
Ek het so wragtig in my broek gekak

Die ding wat my sedertdien nog altyd verstom
Is hoe het ek die Sondag by die huis gekom
Een ding het ek van kerkgang geleer
As jou maag wil werk, sit naby die deur

En as jou derms begin draai en jou poephol blom
Sorg dat jy vinnig by die kakhuis uitkom.



Details~~Look a little Closer & What do you see?

When last did you take time out? When last did you take a walk?

When last did you actually STOP and look around you….What did you notice?? Probably nothing.

We need to Slow down, and once again appreciate the world around us, especially the little hidden treasures we Don’t SEE…..

We don’t See because we just Look and don’t take notice anymore…..

Nature Never ceases to Amaze me………


‘What a desolate place would be a world without flowers!

It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome’

                                                                                                          (Clara L. Balfour)








‘What nature has done for us is sublime and beautiful and unique’

(Thomas Jefferson, letter of 1811)


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You get this itch, its a ‘B’ with an ‘itch’ cause its intolerable as hell.

It starts, at 1st with a very sharp prick, and your brain screams ‘please, no more’

Yet, it lies in wait, for its bait, to think of it no-more.

It will haunt you, it will taunt you, it will drive you insane.

The itch, is a Bitch, cause it causes you to Itch,………….. just by Reading the  word….


I Dare you not to YAWN…..        I BET you just DID…….

and I bet you have an ITCH or at least just scratched one……

Or, did you have both and created a YAWNITCH……?  You just did it again didn’t you? Yawned!?  Now scratch that Itch…..

Intolerable little devils……YawnItches…..

My ‘Little Devils’, attack me at night…… Yawn makes itself know by making me think ‘I’ need to yawn when someone else does, even the cat.  Then its….. I yawn, the cat yawns and anyone else who is in the room catches it and it goes full circle, only to start again with me.. I end up yawning so much that my eyes start watering. Then I cant see, then my nose starts to run, then more times out of ten I get the sneezes, which are none stop for at least 5mins. 100 sneezes later, a runny nose, blurry eyes, Gary shouting ‘PINCH YOUR NOSE’….All started with Yawn….


Now I AM Yawning, and no-one has Yawned yet…its just the bloody word…yep, just Yawned again….. not good when trying to watch football and look at a screen….I can feel my eyes getting wet…yawn…, so excuse me for a minute, whilst…Yawn… I go and blow my nose before the sneezing starts…It drives Gary mad and even worse…..Football is on……”Pinch your nose…FFSK!!”…..


Am back, tissues in hand in case of emergency…..

Now to …Itch

Itch makes itself know basically all day, but I am normally too busy digging up weeds and sorting gardens to really ‘pay attention’ to it. But, that’s all except one…And its the one that’s starts on the end of my nose As Soon as I Push a Wheelbarrow….😡😶😶So to get revenge, the little devil waits till I get into bed.

After minutes, (which feels like hours) of fidgeting,  I finally find The Perfect position, tucked in behind Gary’s back, spooned perfection, absolute Bliss…….aahhhhhhhh…..


BUT..😶😶😶 my brain detects the start of an itch, ……Ignore it, IGNORE it, it will go away…..

In retaliation my brain detects a couple more, one on my nose, one on my foot, one on my elbow, which is under the pillow…SO😱😱which one do I ignore and which one do I scratch?? Brain says …all in one go……rub foot on mattress, nose on Gary’s back, ignore the elbow…….

I do what the brain instructs…perfect, itches sorted……😂😂😂😂😂nope,.. Suddenly my brain screams….HIGH ALERT….too late….itches start everywhere, OMFG….I’ll probably start yawning next….YAWN, toss and turn, Yawn….OFFSK….2am…………. Think it’s time for a ‘P’….



Lies in wait, planning a major Itch attacks on every part of your body when you least expect it….especially at night……..😶😶 😵😵

Another New Word …….

: ItchArisamusBumdaKissamuss …………..Gary’s way of saying he has an itch Attacking his derrière