Nature’s miracles..

Gary and I are naturalists and environmental mad…

One will often see either one of us…hydrating an exhausted bee, rescuing baby toads and relocating them to ‘safer’ area’s, putting fledglings back in the nest when then crash-land from exhaustion, after their 1st flight…the list goes on…


You will NEVER guess what Gary and I came across at work, last week..!??

On Tuesday we came across a massive exodus of baby toads, the size of my thumb nail..they were everywhere. Triple the amount we had last year…….ALL on their way down to the pond edge…

Then, on Wednesday, we were clearing the dead foliage around the outside edges of the pond, when this brilliant specimen came slithering up the slope. I have not seen one in over 10 years. We put it in a bucket, for its own safety, for 10mins, while we finished strimming and tidying up. It was then released in the same spot it came from and disappeared within seconds in the undergrowth….I am sure there is a nest down there somewhere. Don’t want to look just yet as we don’t want to disturb it if there is one.

The wildlife and insects around the pond, this year, have been amazing. The dragon flies dance around the grasses, bee’s darting from flower to flower, butterflies, grass hoppers and newts.. NOT to mention the elephant hawk-moth-caterpillar..

I get so excited every time I come across a miracle of nature, I just wish more children got involved. My boys were always exploring, I don’t see children exploring much anymore… has taken over their lives…

Chris Packham is doing a walk for wildlife……..please take a minute to visit his site…

Chris Packhams tips for getting kiddies interested in nature….

Grab a camera, Get involved with nature, do a bughunt, explore, have costs nothing, it is healthy and it is Precious Time spent with family and friends……

School holidays do not have to be a nightmare….they can be fun…….


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  1. kutukamus says:

    Nature sure is full of treasures 🙂 🍸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Atgofion says:

      I would be lost and totally insane without nature…..people dont appreciate it as much as they should…


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