Nature’s miracles..

Gary and I are naturalists and environmental mad... One will often see either one of us...hydrating an exhausted bee, rescuing baby toads and relocating them to 'safer' area's, putting fledglings back in the nest when then crash-land from exhaustion, after their 1st flight...the list goes on... Well....... You will NEVER guess what Gary and I … Continue reading Nature’s miracles..


A week of madness..

OMGiddy aunt....the past 2 weeks have been a total nightmare.....besides the heat, which has us at work for 6am to be done by 2pm, the turbo on the van inconvenience... so between taxi's, walking and getting a lift to work with Gary's dad, we got through it....and a bill of nearly £1000.00 to repair … Continue reading A week of madness..