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My Birthday is in September and It’s the Big 50 for me this year…2016….to think of it, I have been on this earth for half a century…😱😱Bloody Nora, think I’m getting depressed at the thought.. Let’s move along, swiftly.

I love nature, photography, ( my camera is always with me) , arts and crafts, all kinds of needle work, writing and poetry.
I Am a very homely person and am content with keeping myself busy with my hobbies when I am not working ….
I have a condition called fibromyalgia. After many years of suffering an ‘unknown’ illness and countless visits to Dr’s, in 2003, A consultant finally gave a diagnosis.

To cut a long story short, I decided to stop all medication in Dec 2013, It felt like I was always Off my tree, (the medications played havoc with my body and head), and I am managing my condition with natural remedies which, for me, has been the right decision.As a teen, I suffered with depression, which went on for years and  was diagnosed with clinical depression in my 20’s, but this too, I have learnt to control and manage without medication.. 🙂 🙂

I find writing helps me deal with a lot of things that has happened in my life….. And when I am really down I garden…pulling weeds and turning soil is like removing and burying whatever and whoever has upset me….trust me I can get rather aggressive … In the garden, when one of those days pops it’s head out..

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  1. cbecker53 says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Just a way of saying I’ve been enjoying your blog. Here’s the info at my blog: https://cherylbecker.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/just-happy-to-be-a-nominee/

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  2. ywwp says:

    Glad you follow my blog – http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com
    Your Well Wisher Program is No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, No solution patented, individual effort in an – Attempt to solve commonly known problems.

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  3. Hi I just love your irony. wit and sense of humour (that is the correct spelling, you Americans spell it wrong!).Gardening made easy makes sense and is very funny (and now I am using an alternative word to humour – diplomat that I am – which is spelled the same by the greater English community, bar mistyping of course). Thanks for the follow I have been pottering around your site and enjoy your reference about loving life in order lo love gardening.

    Regarding your advanced age…😱 a friend whom I play squash (racquetball – I am really practicing my translation skills on this American site 🙂 ) against has recently become 50. I send him a text saying I do not know whom I pity the most him who is 50 or me whose squash partner is 50… Naturally being 49 I am millenniums away from such an advanced age 😉

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  4. dtills says:

    HI! Welcome to the 50s! I am 51, and living through the midlife issues💕

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    1. Atgofion says:

      I LIKE you already 🙂

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      1. dtills says:

        haha 😂it only took me five decades to become like-able! 😉

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      2. Atgofion says:

        Like you even more….ditto

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