Just Another Day at the Office..

Last week the sun had her hat on and I couldn’t resist getting my camera out, so during the day, I took some photo’s to share with you all….

Twice a week, Gary and I do the garden maintenance, at an Alpaca Farm… never a minute that there is nothing to do…..it’s fab….The thought of getting up in the morning, getting dressed, getting in a car and then getting stuck in traffic for hours does not do it for me….stressed out before you even get to your office…..been there done it…NO MORE..

I would not swop my office for a concrete one……

We have a brilliant circle of customers’, every garden is different and everyone tells a different story. Some are low maintenance, others are like 3 acres big then there is the Alpaca farm.

The alpaca’s all got sheared last week…..they look so different without their jumpers, quite comical…..

Cute and very inquisitive….if you sit really still they will come up to you…….Notice the dew covered field…..how many see that on a regular basis? How often do you just ‘STOP’ for a minute and survey your surroundings? I bet if I stopped you in the middle of a street, and asked you what was the last shop you past or the name of the street you are on….1 out of 10 will be spot on, the others……OBLIVIOUS to what is around them…it’s sad that this fast track life..work, work, work, stress, stress, stress….has taken hold of people.


There is NEVER a day that is the same in ANY garden. There are always little surprises waiting in every bed and around every corner…. this Spring has been a little bit of a let down. All the Spring flowers were in bud, at the right time, ready to BURST into colour….then we had the ‘beast from the east’ and another flurry of heavy snow…..and all those poor flowers, that had put their energy into a magnificent show……never happened…they tried, they really did, but unfortunately they were not very impressive…Always next year.

But, besides the early Spring colour, that didn’t really happen, we now have a burst of growth….and second canvas of colour.

Colour, buds and flower’s……..The bee’s are well impressed. The bird’s are all nesting, the resident duck at the Alpaca farm is laying in the woods, can’t really pinpoint her nest yet, but we dare not look to hard. This is the 3rd year she has tried to nest, two years ago a fox had her mate and destroyed the nest, last year we put a floating nest on the big pond, but she didn’t take to it..this year she laid 7 eggs, then we had a storm and the duck house sank, we were heart broken…so after rescuing the house, she refused to go back in it. After a week, we removed the eggs, replaced the straw, but she had already decided, sod you lot, sorting my own nest out, and she has…hopefully, everything crossed, the eggs hatch.ย  In the mean time the new resident Drake hangs about waiting for news and chasing off other Drake’s trying to impose on his ‘patch’



The resident drake chilling in the morning sun…..on the island in the big koi pond..

The only way to the island is to ‘walk the plank’, and I have to once a year to tidy it up..haven’t fallen in yet….but did slip down the side of the embankment a couple of years ago, 5mins before clocking off..and sods law, the deepest part of the pond, even my wellies were ‘full to brim’ let alone the rest of me.

I had to strip off to the birthday suit, wrap a hoodie over my chest, ring Gary and ask him to meet me in front of the house with a gown…can you imagine driving home in the nude, except for a hoodie, and getting stopped by the ‘ol bill..mmmm, no me neither, thank gawd I wasn’t stopped for any reason …But the look on the face of a neighbour getting out of her car, when she saw me getting out of mine, straight into an awaiting gown……brilliant….


Who wouldn’t want an outdoor office…..a different one every day…..???


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  1. I love that fish fountain… I would love an outside office!

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  2. Loved the pictures. What a beautiful place

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    1. Atgofion says:

      The best office going…..

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      1. Atgofion says:

        You could have one to ……just think out the box..many ways to have your own outdoor office and benefit others…….think on it…

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      2. Yeah for sure ๐Ÿ˜Š


      3. Atgofion says:

        No seriously…think about it…..how can you have an out door office, benefit yourself and others……many ways…be inventive…be different..be conservative……

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      4. I do not got to office for work. I either travel or work from home. But I do appreciate your point of view

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      5. Atgofion says:

        Dont you find it monotonous???? would you not like a change?

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      6. I love what I do ๐Ÿ˜Š besides travel makes me meet people and see different culture and places. Also, my work is not the same it is challenges me always.

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      7. Atgofion says:

        As long as you enjoy it..fair play to you…but still the thought of the traffic…respect buddy ….I would not be held responsible for my actions held up in traffic on a regular basis……

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      8. Nicely said. They say after food and water the third biggest challenge world face today is traffic

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      9. Atgofion says:

        OMG you hit the nail on the head…and its only going to get worse unless some ‘bright spark’ plans ahead for whats to come….I say …when you get a bus pass at 65….you give up your car….Because insurance is so expensive there is NO point in teenagers getting a license till they are at least 25, so another menace off the roads….remove the lorries and go back to railfreight..many ways to stop congestion, but the knobs in control …have absolutely no idea of what really matters in the long run…

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      10. Great suggestions. I used to live in Singapore. They make the insurance high, car is leased for 10 years and make transportation ubiquitously available

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  3. Atgofion says:

    Just the thought of you traveling …the traffic and the grid locks, you probably spend more time on motor ways than at home working!! c cannot even digest the thought….the traffic we have to get through for a 10min trip whivh tuns into a 45min trip is beyond me and stressfull…i want to go home before i get to work some mornings…..


  4. Atgofion says:

    So in a weird and wonderful way..you do have a ‘sort of out door office’ ….


  5. I did a post with new born lambs ans a baby Alpaca claiming it is a lamb: Its head was stuck in the womb due to the mother cramping and had to be pulled forcefully to remove it from the womb otherwise it would die due to a lack of oxygen. ๐Ÿ™‚ https://abriejoubert.wordpress.com/2017/11/29/transformed-by-a-mothers-love/

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