Time out,

Silence……….. and being on your own  —– in your own space,

replenishes  your thoughts from anger, to frustration, to…


Sometimes it feels better not to say a word , at all,  about anything, to anyone…. no words can explain whats going on in your head, no point in trying to explain, so save the unnecessary arguments, even though it hurts like hell….

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people…..if they care they will notice, if not!!!??? Well………..

Sometimes you have to play the fool, to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you…..mmm Bullshit baffles brains if you ask me..

Sometimes in life, situations KEEP on repeating themselves….They will do till you learn the lesson….

Sometimes, you just need a hug from someone you can’t hug.

Sometimes you Don’t appreciated what you have because your too focused on your own needs and comforts…

Sometimes it’s better being on your own, than in a relationship that makes you feel lonely…


Sometimes honest words spoken to a loved one, in advice, are thrown back in verbal abuse…

Sometimes the battle is between what you feel and what you know…………..

BUT.. Sometimes

there comes a point……………..


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  1. I enjoy reading this. Sometimes you just sit and listen. Sometimes you make them think you are a fool when you are wiser than the tortoise.

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  2. Generally why I lead a hermits life!

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