Portraits…… A Photo Story of a Dog’s life….Fishing…

A walk in the park
Me and my Mate…

Our Dog ‘Duki’ (Ducati) is fishing MAD….he LOVE’S it……he guards the rods, barks when the alarms go off, jumps like a loon when there is A FISH ON……….

….turfs the lawns when nothings ‘happening’ and enjoys a pint with his dad after walks…..

I think the photos tell a story, better than words…..



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  1. Thanks for sending me here. Duki looks such a happy dog and the pictures are great!

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    1. Atgofion says:

      No worries, thanks for visiting the blog. He is a happy dog, never given us any problems, very obiedient….an so very very funny. Have had him since he was a pup, one of 13, his poor mom…we took him home at 8 weeks and he has always been with us no matter where we go…He is so cheeky, when we go to the pub, he stands on his hind legs in front of the bar, waiting for his pint, character. I have a photo somewhere of him doing it, will look for it and share it in his blog next week…
      Hope you and your family. have a lovely weekend..:)


      1. Thank you! Always happy to chat. Does he get a pint? Or at least a bit in a bowl? When I was growing up in pubs we had dogs. The labrador was ok but the Jack Russell would scrounge beer and pork scratchings any chance it got apparently.

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      2. Atgofion says:

        A whole pint……..put a bowl of water down and a pint…and he goes for the pint every time…..he loves it…Gary gives him a pint every other weekend, only…

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      3. 😄😄

        Replied to your mail by the way. Try googling Actinidia chinensis.


      4. Atgofion says:

        Spot on…Thank you.. 🙂


      5. Atgofion says:

        you are on the top of my ‘CSI’ list for ……identifying UGO’s ( Un identified Growing Object… 🙂 am now on the search for a lady friend for him…


  2. 3C Style says:

    Cool post, Tracey. Your dog is lovely and he has obviously lots of character. 💕

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