Fun…..It just made me smile :)

One of our ‘Pub Stops’, well, actually it’s the 1st on route and last of 3-4 that we pop into on our way back….We walk to the furthest pub on the canal, then work our way Back —UP HILL, ALL THE WAY …A GOOD 4 miles I might add..You’d be gagging for a refreshment too….

So now you know why!,  A pit stop is needed, at least 3 times ……its hard work… LOL …

They had this outside last week..I had to giggle 🙂


Greeted by these gremlins every Tuesday makes me smile….Mischief and fun.. I swear their faces change AND I bet they get up to mischief at night……..


Night of the Gargoyles
By Eve Bunting

The gargoyles squat
high on corners
staring into space,
their empty eyes unblinking
till night comes.

Then there is movement
in the shadowy corners
as the gargoyles creep
on stubs of feet
along the high ledges
and peer,
into rooms where mummies lie
in boxes, long and thin
as coffins, ribboned round
with painted boats and figures
as dark as night.

And gargoyle-creep again
to gape at suits of armour,
shining, stiff,
the helmets hinged on eyes
as bloodless as their own.

Or, tired of viewing,
fly, if they have gargoyle wings,
straight up to lick the stars
with long, stone tongues
green-prickled at the edges.
Or land in sleeping trees
to swing on branches, da-de-da,
and feel the air move cool
against their pock-marked stone.

Then down they swoop
to where the fountain splashes dark,
the water spitting from a cherub’s mouth.
They gargoyle-hunch around the rim
and gargoyle-grunt
with friends from other corners
who have come for company.

They grunt of what they’ve seen
and where they’ve been.
How hot the corners
when the sun is high,
especially the ones beside the clock.
How noisy, too.

They grump of summer passing
and the rain
that pours in torrents through
their gaping lips
and chokes their throats
with autumn’s leaves.

And then those birds
that come to rudely perch
and leave behind
their mottled stains.

They lap the water
with their mossy tongues,
split-splat each other with their claws
and boom those gargoyle laughs
that rumble thick
because there is no space
inside their solid stone
for laughs to somersault.

A watchman hurries by
and checks the sky
for thunder.
He’s seen the gargoyles
huddle before,
and once he told
the man behind the frosted door
and heard him snort his disbelief.
“Gargoyles, indeed!
You’re seeing things.”
So now he checks the sky
to hide his fear.

The gargoyles rasp their wings
and put their thumbs behind
their crumbling ears
to show their scorn.

They have no love of humans
who have made them so
and set them high
on ledges
where pigeons go.
They stomp their feet
and rumble-laugh
to see the watchman close his eyes
and turn away.

“Awk!” the gargoyle scream,
and “Awk!” again,
and spread their lips
in mischief smiles.
The watchman hunches down
and hurries on.


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