Morning World ……

Morning has broken…..6am and feeding the horses at sunrise…..

Pork sausages for breakfast on a fishing weekend……

Leaves changing color, much earlier than usual ……

Sunrise …view from the bivy on a Saturday morning….

Dew drops on a feather…..

Duckling having an early swim…..

Swan…….total elegance…. on an early morning walk…

Spider web with a collection of dew jewels at 6 am in the morning…

Nature is such a wonderful thing…….a walk first thing in the morning, waking up in a bivy next to a lake……The wonders and joys we overlook in the busy bustle of life…..

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  1. I enjoyed having the breakfast with you. the multiple spiderwebs create the impression of a 3D web almost like a ball

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  2. nice2beme says:

    Into choose the “morning options” from your image thumbnails I would love to feed the horses =)

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