BBFF …. BrainBlogFibroFog..


I think, I have B B F F….. And

OR my Brain ……. is on ‘Holiday’ and giving me the ‘Silent treatment’.

I think I just ‘created’ that …BrainBlogFibroFog….   Good, innit? Lol…

So, I Have the urge to Blog again, my Brain doesn’t,  yet, as soon as I give my pillow some head and my sheets some arse, (LOL), and lie in bed,  in wait and anticipation of the approaching slumber, surprise surprise, my Brain decides its back from  holiday.

The idea’s, words, thoughts just keep coming…amazing.. Mmmm, the ipad is on charge downstairs…Now!? ……. Do I go and get it, its like 2am? Mmmm, do I?,  dont I?

Now my brain causes a battle between my urge to sleep and my urge to blog…

The ideas and words keep coming.  I have basically written a book from beginning to end with the speed that my brain is printing it out…  Wish I  had a  cover that I could put on my pillow, that would magically sense my  brain was going into’ novelist mode’,  and just save all the  words and ideas to its memory bank.?  How refreshed I would be in the morning,  and how brilliant  blogging would be, and on a regular basis..+++++++

Yet, the battle goes on…do I get up and blog, or try and sleep.? I know, I will just try and remember it all and write it down first thing….ROFL…😂😂😂😂.that never happens. The rest of the day is spent wondering around,(in my head), trying to remember what I planned to remember last night..On Top of trying to remember what I was doing or going to do 5secs ago……..Its bloody hard work..

So after 3 afternoons of picking up the laptop and… just…..staring at it. I have, this afternoon, achieved something………, blogging the above…

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