Wallpapering…it will be quick..🙄😂😂😤😂😂

So…my other half decided the  chill room needed a theme…….after a lot of consideration, he decided on a ‘tropical’ theme.  Plants were purchased and ferns brought indoors, the idea started to come together.  He then decided the chimney breast needed a different wallpaper and a fire surround, something natural,  oldish and rustic …

SO we started looking at wall paper samples online…he found one he liked


We then trolled the Internet for a fire surround and found one  …


Needless to say, it’s now waiting to be fitted in its proud position…

Today,  he decided we would do the wallpapering, “it shouldn’t take long”, he said 😂😂😂😂😂

So,  we moved things away, put the dog and his bed under the table

All tucked up

And we  started to remove the old wall paper…..,

The ‘it shouldn’t take too long”, theory,  😩💣💥 out the window, …

image   image

Not only was the plaster coming off with the paper, but damp spots appeared…. So ‘it shouldn’t take too long’,  has now become, a fuking nightmare…

re-plaster touch up,image

Gary Not entirely impressed ……



Now to wait 24 hrs and see if damp spots dry out…..then hopefully, wall paper.

Gary’s last comment .. “Ah babe, this could have been done by now” …

Mmmm …….. 3 and a half hrs later


Needless to say, 48hrs later all done and dusted 👍😃.


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  1. I miss functional fireplaces! Glad you got the plaster/paper under control.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Atgofion says:

      It was a mission, and since then, Gary does not do Wall paper…..lol


    2. Atgofion says:

      Was planning to open it again, but once the wall paper was taken off and the mess underneath…Gary said no way was he even going to attempt it…..


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