Garden Joys … In Autumn


The secret of a garden is not in it’s design, it’s in the maintenance of it.. Dead heading, removing dead wood, cutting back, trimming hedges, turning soil, endless weeding of beds, (The one who said if you do a job properly you won’t need to do it again, never weeded a garden bed), transplanting, taking cuttings, oh my word, the list goes on.

It’s that time of year when it is really relentless….just when you think you have won the weed battle,  and can sit down to reward  your aching back with a ‘short’ tea break and appreciate the ‘blooming’ view was all worth it,  ……….. Wait for it…

The  battle of leaves begin …..

And being on the borderline of OCD, it gets pretty frustrating…
You have no sooner raked up ALL the leaves on the lawn, when out of nowhere, a lovely gust of wind undoes it all..not only is the lawn once again covered in a colourful blanket of leaves, but the ones you proudly filled the barrow with, have been hurled out of it in a mini tornado and carried off down the rest of the garden….
(Big sigh, and a few unsightly words hurled into the air, you start again, working out your aggression by bayoneting the leaves with the rake, determined not to be beaten)
Ha, that’s what you think, I did this 3 times in one day last week….and NO, I did not conquer…

Autumn leaves.

Thanks to technology and new machinery, we now have an implement that not only blows leaves into a pile, but it gobbles them up as well..

Brilliant invention, or what?
Ah, not as easy as it sounds…just holding on to it and remaining upright, on your feet  when you pull the trigger, is an art in itself. Then there is a knack to blowing millions of leaves into a corner so you can suck them up…and not only that, once you have mastered the art of piling them up, you have to remember to move the control from blow to suck…or you end up in a whirl wind raining reds and golds , orange and yellows, everywhere. An artists dream of colour…and a sight to behold for the gob smacked Gardener… And that’s not even mentioning the look on the face OR the words that escaped the lips….

Needless to say, there is NEVER a dull moment in the  joys of being a Gardener.

So, what’s The secret here?? … Mmmm, always plant your trees so that prevailing winds blow the leaves next door!!  ..LOL…I wish it was that easy..

I See you..

I See you..

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