Quid Pro Quo ..

Quid pro quo

Give and Take … Or … Tit for Tat ?
A Favour for a Favour!? … Who gives a rat?

I’ll scratch your back if You scratch mine….
Good deeds Bad deeds …. There is Always strings attached..

AND … It almost always goes tits up or all unfolds…. To nothing…

Unless ….

You have a relationship/friendship that involves consideration: then it’s the exchange of something of value for something else of value….
No Strings Attached..No favours owed..

What of value can I offer to you Mr G.M. ?

Me.. For one,
My Loyalty, Faithfulness, Fidelity…
My Respect, Honesty, Trust….

And when ALL the above are exchanged back..

You WILL have my unconditional love…

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