Secrets and Surprises…

Toft house

The secret of a garden is not creating it, it is maintaining it……digging, weeding, planting, mowing, raking, sweating, swearing…yes, swearing….but after months of blood, sweat and tears, the gardener can stand back and admire the effort, it has taken to give it its dignity back.  (yes EFFORT, or are some under the illusion that if you sit in the garden, under a tree, feet up, beer in hand and say ‘Oh, how pretty’ and it magically grows and sorts itself out?)


A blaze…of color

A blanket of pink ..

A blanket of pink ..

Once in full bloom, all those hurting muscles, bruises, blistered hands and aching back  don’t matter anymore.

I can spot a weed...

I can spot a weed…

When you think your work is done…you double take, you spot a weed flower, proudly reminding you your work is never done,  maintenance on a daily basis, regardless of the weather.  Nature and weeds soon take over when they realize the gardener is absent.

Hidden gems and surprises .....

Hidden gems and surprises …..

If only she could talk..

If only she could talk..

All hurts and disappointments, my garden spade helps heal……

Open view..

A view from my garden office

For miles...

For miles…

Gardens, wild or  ‘tamed’ … never cease to amaze me… there is always a surprise waiting somewhere..

I was tidying up a customers garden and found a hidden gem under 6ft of over grown ivy, weeds and branches……

Beneath the overgrowth lay a surprise..

Beneath the overgrowth lay a surprise..

Once cut back and cleaned up, we found a pebble stream, even the wild life popped up….frogs and all 🙂 amazed that it had been uncovered and given a make over..

Beneath the foliage lay a hidden gem...

Beneath the foliage lay a hidden gem…

There is always something waiting to be discovered..

I actually ‘discovered’ a plant I can honestly say I have not yet seen here in the UK, until a couple of weeks ago….it’s stunning and in the past week has taken over the tree branches as well….meet the Akebia..

Breath taking..

Breath taking..

Taking over...

Taking over…



And on the other side of the gate.....?

And on the other side of the gate…..?

Drops of gold....

Drops of gold….

I love my job…no walls, no windows…no stress, no one shouting in your ear to finish up…just sun, air, freedom and oh, a bit of soaking from the rain, what more could a girl ask for .???

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