I survived the weekly shop…

‘This mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard to see what was there for T…but when she got there the bloody thing was bare and so ….. OMG she would have to go and do a shop…


I hate shopping....

And at this point in my life, I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it. I do not like  shopping,  I F***ing HATE it…. It’s not a phobia of any sort … I just hate it..

I survived today’s only because my gorgeous partner, who by the way, does not piss about, he usually does the weekly shop on his own, in record time,  decided I WAS going with and that he would make it fun, …..ok, it was, he does make me giggle, but I was pleased to get home, an hour and a half later,  not as stressed as I would have been had I done it on my own…

I forgot to mention, before we left,  I downed what was left of my drink from last night, lol… Ssshhh, it was a voddie… I think it put me in a suspended state of … I really can’t be asked and I really don’t care, but let’s frigging do this shit…

I still, do not like shopping..

When there is absolutely no one else that can do the shop, I have to mentally start syking myself up days before the dreaded event.

I even have little panic attacks, just at the thought of having to go and by the time the shopping day arrives,  I am in full blown stressed out mode…. By the time I get there and back I am experiencing full blown heart palpitations, the sweats and seeing funny little flashing lights in front of my eyes… Needless to say I will have managed the shop in record time, in and out…speed of lightening…..lol…

Does this mean that I never go to the shop? No, not at all, I will if  I really really have to,  but not if the shop is really crowded. In fact,  I will actually turn around and go back home if the parking lot is packed, no way, no matter how desperate….whatever I need will have to wait..

The thought of shopping, getting in the car and actually doing it, turns me into  AmoodyIdonotlikeshopazilla.

What is it that I do not like about shopping.. .??  EVERyTHING..

The traffic on the roads, the congestion…. People who have no concept of driving, no courtesy,  just plain rude road hogs…

the ladies and babies with 3 more in tow…. Kids running off, having tantrums because..I WANT IT NOW and scream blue murder till they get it….control your kids or Leave them at home.. You will get it done sooooo much quicker.

Shopping with kids

Leave the kids at home.

The Trollies, the little groups of women …in the middle of the aisles having a weekly gossip catch up…FFSK….go get a coffee somewhere else, better yet, have a frigging cream tea day at home and catch up,then….

Get a bloody move on

Get a bloody move on


Event shopping, too many people in small spaces, regardless if it’s a mall or not… It suffocates me…

The sales, oh no no no, let’s not even go there, ..it has been know that women actually end up in cat scrapping and punch ups over items they want….ridiculous…..  I Stay Away, far away…

The queue at the till, the cashier having a gossip catch up with the customer, whom she probably knows…whilst 3 more people are stood behind you…waiting… JUST SCAN IT AND FRIGGING BAG IT so we can get home…

Oh My Life…I could go on, but I think you get the picture…

Shopping is no fun

I’d rather do …..anything other than shopping..


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