Assignment OR Photo Blog! Mmmm.. that’s the ?

Fishing rods

Rods and reels at the ready…

Evening all..

As you all know, I ditched my Friday assignments for FISHING….

now I am not only behind on Fridays, but both today’s are still sitting in my inbox….dilemma…..

I have nearly 200 photos to sort through and I feel absolutely shattered…..the weekend was lovely and peaceful but it was tooooo short…. Woza Friday….

its already 7.30pm, if I start either now I am going to be glued to the screen…… A Blogging bed bear……

…..yes I am going to be behind with four assignments if I don’t start now….mmmm …. hey ho, I will stress about that tomorrow……

I can’t wait to get the photos up, but I know myself,  and, if I start sorting through photos now, I will seriously, still be here at 5am, as I will have then started to blog them and add some to my assignment, and before I know it,  the bloody alarm will be scaring the shits out of me..

So, Considering i have to be up for 6am to pack Gary’s lunch before he goes to work….  feed all the animals, then,  after trying to get my breath back, get myself ready for work…….

Bloody hell, I am exhausted just thinking about what needs to be done…

I think I am going to leave it for tomorrow……..

….. Don’t fret, I have selected a few photos to share with you all now…. I will be up to date and sorted, soon….. I was going to say by Wednesday, LOL…but then remembered I will have Tuesday and Wednesday assignments to do as well…….

oh my giddy aunt…

so here are a few of the weekends pictures, I will put all the others into a photo blog …. As soon as I can 😉

Dog fishing

Duki , waiting for a
‘fish on’..

Passers' by...

Passers’ by…

Fish on

‘Is it on yet?’


Finally, a fish….

Fishing look out

Duki on the look out..

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