Day 4 .. Identify Your Audience

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Sounds easy…Not really for a newbie, on her way to soon becoming a Blogging  Sofa Bear …

but here goes….

So, Title and tag line have been changed, but I wonder how many bloggers were wondering what my first title ‘Atgofion’ actually meant.

‘Atgofion’, is a Welsh word, and is pronounced :
at-gov (as in GOVernment) – ee – on.

English words to describe this word are : memories, recall, recollect, remind, reminiscence .

Moments flee by but our memories are permanent.
We often share our most powerful memories to enable them to grow with time rather than fade – giving us the ability to remember friends and family long after they have gone.

Memories we don’t share and which can be burdens to bear, are the bad ones….
Why don’t we share those as well?
Because sometimes it’s NOT easy, majority of the time people don’t believe you, or they think your looking for attention, or better still, your talking a load of bollocks in their mind..

My bad memories were NIGHTMARES…always there, day in, day out, lurking, just waiting for a crack in my armour.

Dreams and reflections

Dreams … You close your eyes, you try to sleep but all there is is Reflections … Of time gone by .. Time happening. Then they stop…just as – In time to come – is about to reveal a future secret..then the dark comes, there’s ravens everywhere….reflections start to crack, shattering around you……your flying

They would rear their horrid heads, all at once, sometimes when i least expected it.
They made me feel ill, disgusted, ashamed…..sometimes it felt like others could actually see these memories if they looked deep enough into my eyes, how paranoid is that??

They take over your life, and until you learn to deal with each individual gremlin memory, they will haunt you till you die..

People top themselves because of bad experiences which germinates a gremlin memory, which grows and grows…and if you don’t weed the memory bed, the gremlins take over your head. Literally, physically and mentally.

Bad memories lead to depression, depression, unless diagnosed and treated, leads to self destruction, and once you are on the tip of that iceberg, it’s bloody hard getting off it before it melts..

Nightmare and shadows

Nightmares reign …lurking in the shadows…. Trying to swallow the colours…

I find that sometimes, words spoken, are not enough…
Why? People HEAR but they DO NOT LISTEN……it’s like water on a ducks back, they just do not or don’t want to understand what is coming out of your mouth.

The best thing I learnt in therapy was writing, painting, drawing and listening to what my body was telling me….you can’t heal the world if you can’t heal yourself.
It took me a long time to put number 1 first, I still have not perfected that either, I will get there, one day, but for now I am coping very well.

Blogging to a phantom audience is a thoughtful way in which we can share our thoughts and feelings WITHOUT being ridiculed, put down or even belittled because of who,or what we are.

Memories, regardless if they are good or bad, shared with others who have or are experiencing the same, help them and others gain knowledge, empathy, understanding, motivation, encouragement, advice and above all … Unseen friends who understand…. No more embarrassment, no more fear of what others will say or think…and best of all, It’s OUT in The OPEN for millions to read….. How scary is that ? Lol..

That is why, after all these years, I have finally decided to blog mine.

I hope to encourage and help others that are / were in a similar situation and are still trying to come to terms with their demons, and in return, I too will most probably learn a lot from them.


Images used are my own work…photos I take I manipulate into depicting what I am or was feeling at the time of  creating it…..

more examples of my dreams collection, can be seen on :


someone else who who has inspired me ….Maya Angelou..

Control events

You may not control all events….

For more inspiration from her, visit :


19 thoughts on “Day 4 .. Identify Your Audience

  1. I enjoyed this and your intro piece… I can relate to your sentiments about sharing with a ‘phantom audience’… I’ve yet to post my ‘introduction’… Almost there with it but I’m certainly encouraged by your outlook.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, thanks for that, it was a challenge……don’t rush yourself, just make notes / on your new post/draft, things you want to say then put them all together, even if it’s really random, and keep saving them till your ready to put them all together…’s like a jigsaw puzzle…all the bits on the floor, the start with the smooth edges and then fill in the bits .. Good luck, looking forward to reading the end result 😉


  2. Yes I did wonder what atgofian means and thanks for the explanation.
    and if you don’t weed the memory bed, the gremlins take over your head.

    While like you I enjoy humor, and use it into my blogs I certainly write about serious things as well, unfortunately these are in Afrikaans.
    At the risk of sounding repetitive – enjoy your writing; I am still to get your manipulated pictures 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Baie dankie …..havent spoken or written in afrikaans for nearly 10 years, so its a bit weird trying to put my humor into afrikaans…BUT, that might be a blog and a half to read…one done in afrikaans…might just give it ago and see if the grey matter can still recall words …..funny how you ‘loose’ it if you dont practice it…Lol..


      • Okay the plot thickens. You are originally from South Africa? While I have read some of your blogs I haven’t seen that do you blog about it? Anyway i will certainly read your hybrid Afrikaans blog

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL…..was born in Zambia and moved about so many times i cant remember all the places we lived. We 1st moved to Botswana, as my dad worked for McAlpines…when that contract ended, we moved to S.A.
        We lived in Vryheid then Arnot and Duvha , Witbank and Middelburg…I came over here the end of 2001, 2 days after the twin tower bombings..and am still here….Long story….I don’t really blog about it…but started a ‘book’ about my childhood (I cried a 1000 tears) which i am still trying to finish..just so busy building up my business that i really don’t spend as much time blogging as i would like..and chapter 4 is a bit of an emotional roller coaster…but i will prevail…..


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