Day 2 …. Take Control of Your Title and Tagline….

Oh my life, yesterday’s assignment seriously boggled my brain….. I have finally settled on mine, after not being able to think of anything else all day…

I best explain  my title and tag…

‘Common, Mad and just Plain Simple’ ….

Common…….., that’s me..I am by no means a Princess, I can’t be asked with a face covered in slap, my hair done on a daily basis – My style is the just got out of bed look …. Wet it, jell it and leave the curls to their own devices…..just the thought of getting  the straightener  out is enough to send me into ‘bad mood day’ mode…. Hair dryer? – ONLY in EXTREME circumstances does that noisy piece of equipment leave the box…. I can’t even remember when last I did use it…..  AND besides, the love of my life Loves the curls….

Nails done twice a month… you are having a laugh, they wouldn’t last a minute in the garden or fishing for that matter..

I don’t do Bling, I don’t do runway fashion,…… jeans and shirts, baggy jumpers, hiking boots, wellies and trainers are me….. I don’t do regular nights on the town with all the girls…once a year is quite enough thank you.  I do however, put a bit of lippy and mascara on when I do venture out with my man..

Mad …. Well that’s what people say…. Mad cause I am a spur of the moment person. Don’t like planning because it Always goes tits up when I do….. Mad because I don’t think things through all the time, mad cause I love speed and adventure.  Just plain mad….

Plain Simple …….. That’s easy .. I am Not a Princess, I am just me, plain and simple, easy to please……

My Tagline ……… Life’s a bee..atch, then you ……..

( I bet you thought the next line would be……then you die, or better still as some blokes say, life’s a bitch then you marry one!! ……).    ha…..nope, …

Life is a bee..atch, then you ………. Go find some bees and make some honey….

It’s what you make of it …. I have and still try to find a positive when life just throws barrels of shit at me all the time…..make manure, lol..that just came to me…..

If life throws you lemons, make lemonade…… Well I am sure you all get the drift…… Turn your negatives into positives ….. As long as it makes you happy…and sod everyone else…..

5 thoughts on “Day 2 …. Take Control of Your Title and Tagline….

  1. Thank you…… I just had a peek at your page ;).

    I too am trying to get use to this blogging adventure…..I must have changed my design at least 4 times already…today, I think, I have finally found the one I kinda like…. and I am still trying to figure the ‘widgets’ out…keep expecting a little alien to run across the screen every time I see the word widget….so don’t stress, your not alone..

    Love the paintings… I haven’t had mine out in years, the oils and gouache have probably dried up…… Not good 😦

    I also like sketching, and always have a book and pencil in my bag.. My camera has become an extra limb and most favourite hobby, all the others have been put on hold.

    Looking forward to your New Blog ;). 🙂


    • Thanks Donna, I didn’t half wrack my brain trying to find something, in the end I just decided to be me….that wasn’t difficult……should have done that straight up … At least my head wouldn’t have felt like scrambled egg by the time I got home from work….thank goodness I do landscape gardening and team up with one other person…..I probably would have been fired if I worked in an office….totally spaced out……thinking, lol…..can’t bear to think of being stuck in an office……. Thanks again 😉

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  2. It takes somebody who isn’t, to acknowledge common, mad and just plain simple (and please stop describing me – I will write my own posts). The irony of your tagline was the first thing I enjoyed. Translated mine is:
    You are what you think – not what you think you are. Sometimes it helps to laugh out loud at what you are thinking or think you are.

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