Day 1 …. Who I am and Why I am here …

Right, I have signed up for blogging 101 and today’s task is introducing myself……’s probably time I did so anyway, so here goes…..

I am 48 years old, have 3 grown up sons who no longer live at home. I have been single for quite some time, but have recently and finally found someone who loves me for who I am…..(7 months and counting). And I wasn’t even looking for a partner….. 🙂
I love nature, photography, arts and crafts….writing, poetry.

I Am a very homely person and am content with keeping myself busy with my hobbies when I am not working …. I have a condition called fibromyalgia and have suffered for the past 13 years with it, but in the past year, have stopped all medication and managing my condition with natural remedies which, for me, has been the right decision. I have suffered with depression for a very very long time, was diagnosed with clinical depression in my 20’s, but this too, I have learnt to control and manage without medication… I do freelance photography ……I prefer a true image and love taking shots outdoors in natural light and shadowing…. I also do home visits, Capturing memories as they happen; these turn out to be the best photos .. Unposed … I am an observer of life, I notice things, moments, glances, objects, that others don’t, and I try and capture them……

I have learnt that the best way to deal with my depression was writing…. At least one thing I learnt in therapy that actually works.
By writing my feelings and memories down I can cope and deal with the emotions in my own time.
This year I decided to put it all together and blog it as a ‘book’. This way I can share my experiences with other, who in turn may find comfort and advice in things I have lived through.
Bloggers following me have probably started reading ‘I cried a 1000 tears’, and I would like to thank you all for taking time out to read it, and being patient for the next blog. It’s more difficult than I thought it would be….but I will persevere and complete the mission I have started….I don’t like quitting.

I am an experienced carer, trained in domiciliary care, and end of life/palliative care. I loved my job looking after the elderly, unfortunately I no longer do this due to my condition..

I am an avid Gardner and love spending time in the garden. It doesn’t matter who’s garden it is…..

Topics I will most likely write about are photography, depression, fibromyalgia, gardening and life in general.
I would love to connect with others that have had similar experiences and also those that are currently suffering abuse or dealing with depression.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, i would hope to have accomplished my own task of finishing my ‘book’, and through this, inspire others, especially people suffering with clinical depression and fibromyalgia, to do the same. I hope too that they will realise they are NOT ALONE…….and you can get through it with love, understanding, patience and advice.

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