Said the Joker to the Thief…..




Have you Ever just sat and wondered, is my friend REALLY a friend!?

how many TRUE friends do you really have? By TRUE, I mean, friends who are there No matter what the situation is or what time of the day or night it is.  Friends you don’t speak to on a regular basis, maybe not for months, but they are there when you need them, even if it’s just a chat…!!

I can count 4 True friends in my life…..

Just because ‘friends’ hang out with you, party and socialise with you, does not mean to say they are True friends. Just because they promise they will Always be there for you and will Always watch your back…Does NOT mean they will not turn around and STAB you in it.

People Pretend and wear masks, they laugh with you, but AT You behind your back.

They only contact you when they want something; they never answer a phone when you ring them; they are always too busy or have prior arrangements when you need them…….does this ring Bell??

These friends are out for their benefit, they will drain you and suck the very life out of you… They will hurt you and use you.  Then leave you ….      They are jokers and thieves ..


Because you are who you are, nice, loving, trusting, Reliable…

Get to know your circle, choose wisely and PAY ATTENTION …

at the end of the day, Real situations Expose Fake People……





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