I Cried a 1000 Tears …. 4 continued

Then there was God …

Scared half to death and out of my wits with worry, I knew I was going to HELL!…

Before I carry on about my experience with religion at a young age, I need to explain what Religion was like in my teenage years…

The END of the World was near……666 was a big threat, everyone went doo lally,…A deadly disease of the soul was upon us. We were under siege from the forces of darkness. Yes, satanists!

and a massive bloody fear invaded me……

The fear spread across the land. People became obsessed with the unholy workings of satan. In between slices of melktart, old tante’s warned us that society was evil and that we had to put our lives ‘right’ before the end came. They said Satan had polluted the minds of children through radio and TV. Rodney Seale was warning everyone about Subliminal messages, and encouraged record burning get together’s, to burn the demons…
The fear of the number 666 was implanted in our heads. Bar codes were being talked about and the Afrikaans community went ape …at the ‘thought ‘ of being tattooed with a serial number/bar code…yes you can LOL..but back then the thought was terrifying..
Madonna and her ‘Like a Virgin’ caused quite a stir amongst the churchy community.
Even incense sticks were deemed evil……

The threat was so real, the danger so clear and present, the churches formed a special occult unit to protect the believers and rain down on the non-believers. Not since the Spanish Inquisition had such a dedicated force of demon hunters been put together. These disciples, spent their nights tackling the depravity and lunacy of the underworld. Armed only with Bibles and a torch, little church groups would go out, they hunted the satanist wherever he lurked. They patrolled the car park of Checkers, Pick n Pay and OK Bazaars. Headlights dimmed, engine quiet, hoping to surprise a dirty coven gathered in amongst the trolleys. They flashed their torches under the prefabs of the local primary school looking for unholy ferals. They hid out in the long grass down by the dam waiting for the hellions to show their pasty-white, blood-drained faces. They scanned any teenager they met for the telltale signs of devil worship. Black nail varnish, pale skin, eyeliner, skinny jeans, alcohol. It was the nail varnish that usually gave them away, especially on the boys fingernails. I pitied them when cornered..

Muti killings were headlined in papers……satan was hard at work….everywhere…

Laying of hands became more popular than ever……because now, instead of blessing you with the ‘holy spirit’ , this is when, sometimes, people would miraculously start talking in ‘tongues’, they were laying hands to rid you of real demons…

Now, you’re probably sitting at home thinking what was all the fuss? They were just a bunch of Goths and kids doing their thing. Nothing to be scared of. And you are probably right. But if you were brought up anywhere within about a 10mile radius of a church, you would most definitely have heard of God. You also probably knew he had no qualms about turning people into pillars of salt and striking them down with a thunder bolt….and if you were Afrikaans, you belonged to one of the 3 Dutch reformed churches…you were marched to church, EvERY Sunday, regardless….they are so similar to catholic believers.. .their hats are just BIGGER….HUGE in fact, so huge that there is often a struggle to either get in through the church door, or find a seat that’s NOT next to a ‘tante’ with her show piece on her head. Bearing in mind they always fought over the first rows, so the pastor would by no means fail to spot them. And if you were the ‘lucky’ one, you landed a bench to yourself…..behind them….which obscured your view of what was going on in the front of the church…..so for 2hrs 15mins …..you were faced with the sight of a sea of hats…..not to mention the colossal one in your face……
IF only ‘fascinator’s’ were around then, …but who knows ..there would probably have been a competition to see who could get the most on their head. One would certainly NOT have been enough..

By the late eighties, no one trusted no one. People were seeing drawings, indicating satanic meetings. One week, the Pentagon was under suspicion, Next week it was Occults popping up everywhere…….

How paranoid were they??

Children who misbehaved were deemed to be possessed. And children who were good? Well, they were obviously possessed too. That child is too well-behaved, must be something going on there. They had a saying for it in Afrikaans: ‘ Stille waters, diepe grond, onder draai die duiwel rond’ which translates to – ‘Still Waters run deep and there you will find the devil circling’. Kids were doomed……
That’s the way things went. No stone was left unturned. A hidden stash of porno, the Scope Magazine, or a passing interest in electric guitars and noisy music was cause for an instant exorcism. Dominees, preachers, priests and pastors were working overtime to cope with the demand. Demons were flying out of kids left, right and centre.

The country was hurtling towards Armageddon. About to succumb to an army of fallen angels.

And then nothing. No final battle. No righteous fight. No nothing. Everyone just forgot about it. It was like we had turned a page and the army of darkness was gone. The whole thing just fizzled out like a damp firework. The headlines disappeared. The reports disappeared.

It was like it never happened, everyone went back to normal….well as normal as you get….

Then there was AIDS…..

And there was Me and my life, It had got more complicated, more stressful, guilt consumed me.

And then there was God..T B C …


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