I Cried a 1000 Tears …. 4

Drowned in emotional turmoil.....I cried a 1000 tears...... Bottled tears. ......stripped naked....finally nothing left...but tears...drowning you..

Drowned in emotional turmoil…..I cried a 1000 tears…… Bottled tears. ……stripped naked….finally nothing left…but tears…drowning you..

“I cried a 1000 tears – 4

That evening had opened my eyes to a whole new world…I saw things, spotted signs, noticed behaviours, looked at people in a different light, and saw something no one else did.

My sisters friends were scooped up in The old man’s web…I would often hear him promising them choppers as they played near the fence…later in life, I found out that one of my sisters then friends, had suffered what I had….

Things would never be the same again….

As teenagers, we spent every waking hour in the sun using oils to bronze our bodies like Brazilian beauties. Little did we know that many years later, our generation would make frequent visits to the dermatologist for fear of melanoma, and warned off from tanning your self to a crisp.

And yet, somehow, most made it out of their childhood just fine. In fact, our generation produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever! The past 60 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas. Life and times have changed dramatically, lol….our mobile phones aren’t the size of bricks anymore, but those who grew up as part of the baby boom generation now look back and enjoy the memories of a simpler, care free, less hectic life..

I collected abandoned baby field mice, baby birds that had fallen or been chucked out of their nests, Oh, and don’t forget the bat. Plants discarded on compost heaps or in the heap,waiting for the bin men to collect it. My bedroom looked like a mini green house at one stage.
I would sit in the highest bows of a huge tree for hours on end, my sister would play cowboys and Indians and our friends, built incredibly precarious tree houses and dens under all the acorn tree leaves…..then we would ‘camp out for the afternoon’…in the acorn woods…..we would cardboard box down the embankments of the rugby field to fits of giggles and bumps and bruises as you came to an abrupt halt at the bottom…..

When We got home from school, it would be chores and homework. We, played Atari. When my dad and his younger brother were together for the weekend, we would sit and watch them play and never get a look in at the control. I never did beat Asteriods. We never beat Rubik’s cube, unless you count taking off the stickers.
I listened to John Cougar Mellencamp sing about Pink Houses and Jack & Diane. I was bewildered by Boy George. I loved Duran Duran. I even Did an English project on Adam Ant….Madonna was a rocking ‘Virgin’, Eurythmics, Queen, Deep purple.
OMG and lets not forget ol Bles Bridges and Steve Hofmeyer….lol….Tolla Van Der Merwe… Total embarrassment , well I thought so….
At night we would play flashlight tag, and we could trick-or-treat at night without the fear of being killed or kidnapped…..

(Chap 4 ….. T.B.C……..)


2 thoughts on “I Cried a 1000 Tears …. 4

  1. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to look at somebody else and think “It can’t be so bad for me. For that one it is a lot harder” I just feel so sorry for the poor sod at the end of the line. I sincerely hope that’s not you!

    Like your writing! Am following – keep it up!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your comment….what you say is so true….we look at our life and think ‘why me?’, but there is always someone out there who is in a far worse situation.
      Situations we find ourself in, at times, are extremely difficult to deal with, but some of us are lucky, and with support from friends and family, we ‘grow’ a strength to enable us to deal with things and get over them, others are not so lucky.
      I am fortunate enough to be one of those people who have ‘survived’ my worst nightmares and come out a stronger person in the end.
      Thank you for following my blog. Have a really good day 😉


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