This MUST be Love…

They were sitting in the pub and his friend was talking about meeting up,with an old flame, he look at my man and said, ‘I wish I could find someone like you have’, my man put his hand on my hand and said, ‘ Mate!, she gives me everything i need, AND More…’then leaned over and kissed me in front of the whole pub…….
My heart skipped a beat, I could have fainted…..!!

Guys who are not afraid to say and show how they feel about their girl IN FRONT of their mates and strangers, and not for show, BUT mean it, does it for me……

Tonight confirmed all the nights, at home, at the pub playing pool, when he invites me along, in front of people, and out of the blue, day in and day out, that he tells me he loves me…was honestly sincere .. And I now believe him because when he says it, he looks me straight in the eye and they show so much affection. He makes me feel safe, really loved and secure, and my heart is not every going to get broken again….

6mths already !! Feels like I have known him forever….
OMG, I am unconditionally deeply, madly, in love…….something I have never experienced before but longed for, is Finally happening….
and I wasn’t even looking, I had given up on true love..


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