I Cried a 1000 Tears …..

Drowned in emotional turmoil.....I cried a 1000 tears...... Bottled tears. ......stripped naked....finally nothing left...but tears...drowning you..

Drowned in emotional turmoil…..I cried a 1000 tears…… Bottled tears. ……stripped naked….finally nothing left…but tears…drowning you..

For those of you following this story, I ask for you all to be a wee bit patient for the next chapters to follow…..even though I am editing it all, it’s really difficult dealing with all the emotions again. It is not as bad as it was when I first started putting it together, but certain bits strike a cord and at times it feels like I have been stabbed in the heart by a hot poker….. So as much as I would like to get it blogged as quick as possible, I have realised it is going to take a little more time….

Hope everyone has a good weekend…

Much love and thank you for understanding.. 😉

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