Reflection…..on Depression….

‘Oh pull yourself together, for goodness sake, just look at you, honestly, one would think you were dying!’ ……..

Famous words for people who DO NOT have a clue about clinical depression…..if you have not EXPERIENCED this, you CANNOT Empathise with the person who is or has been through it…
The difference between Empathy and Sympathy is so simple…..

Empathise: the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences BECAUSE they too HAVE BEEN in that situation…and they can relate, understand and feel what the person is going through….

Sympathise: to understand and care about someone’s problems ……without having experienced the situation..

‘To think you were/are dying!’ , well we are, or we were……dying inside…!!….:(

Depression….It’s something I would not wish on my worst enemy…it takes over your life, physically, mentally,’s not easy to just ‘Get over it’.

Depression haunted me all my teenage life, ups and downs, good days, bad days. It was after I had my children, that it all went hurtling downstream and my life was turned upside down. Looking back I now believe that everything I had gone through and experienced from the age of 7 – 27, had been building up to a point of no return.. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my 20’s..after slitting my wrists, again, and popping a load of pills….again, I ended up in rehab for 14 weeks…but was out in 7 through sheer determination to beat this monster.

In my story, ‘I cried a 1000 tears’ , I touch on this subject……

To all those suffering with depression or clinical depression, my thoughts and prayers are with you all…… You might not want to hear this, BUT it DOES get better, NOT overnight, it takes years, but it does get better.

If anyone just needs a chat, or some encouragement, even advice, please, please, feel free to contact me and I promise I will respond ……

Be strong, be positive, even if you don’t feel like it, you are loved by someone, you mean something to someone, and your family would be lost without you.


Much love …;)


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